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Riddles about technology, transport and buildings


In this port visited my friend,
Where no water around,
But in this port all the time went
With people and cargo ships.

The plane

Not the bees, not the bees,
And buzzing.
Motionless wing,
And flies.

He is in the vast ocean
Cloud touches the wing.
Will unfold over the meadows,
Seems to be silver.

Quickly in the sky floats,
Ahead of bird flight.
Man controls them.

Bursting, and not the grasshopper.
Flies, not the bird.
Lucky, not a horse.

It hums and draws chalk,
He draws a white-white
On paper blue
Above my head.

Draws, he sings,
Who is it?

What a brave bird
The sky rushed?
Only track white
She left behind.

Flies - buzzing,
And as you sit - silent.


Will cry,will source,
Under heaven will fly.


No wings the bird,
But it is impossible not to marvel at:
Just going to dismiss the bird's tail
And will rise to the stars.

The bird of wonder - red tail
Flew into a flock of stars.


Overtaking at night day
Around the earth running deer.
Touching stars horn,
In the sky he chose the road.
You can hear the sound of his hooves,
He Pathfinder Universe.

The traffic light

Stood up from the edge of the street
Long boot
The three-eyed Scarecrow
On one leg.

Keenly looking guard
The wide pavement.
As you look eye red
Stop all at once.

At the crossroads
There's a three-eyed sorcerer.
But never looks
Three eyes immediately.

I eyes blink
Tirelessly day and night.
And machines help,
And you want to help.


Two rows of houses stand -
Ten, twenty, a hundred in a row.
And square eyes
Each other all look.


Across the river in the full extent
Lay the mighty hero.
He is not shaking,
A tram runs.

Across the river lay -
Run helped.

Across the river across
The giant concrete laid.

I am on the other side
And on this side.
Across the river to move
I'll help you.

Metal for the ages
Assembled miracle giant.
Good thing he was interested -
Across the river subsided.
According to him, forgetting about the miracle,
Crossing the river people.


Who will be able to guess?
Here are four brother
On the washboard road,
But they are not legs.
Never leave,
Two tracks hovering behind them.


On four legs
Wore boots.
Before wearing,
Steel shoes to inflate.

Car, machine

Small houses
The streets running,
Boys and girls
The houses were taken.

Running, buzzing -
In two eyes,stares
As will become -
Bright red eye look.

Drinks petrol like milk,
Can run far.
Carries goods and people.
You know, of course, with her?

All the roads around it.
I on the construction site will be useful,
I'm not afraid of work.
I open all the way.
You with me out of the way?


Was the cart I,
Yes not only was the horse,
And suddenly she screamed,
Screamed and ran.
Look, ran
Konagi without a horse!


What a miracle - the blue house!
Kids a lot in it.
Wearing shoes made of rubber
And powered by gasoline!


Amazing car!
Judge for yourself:
Rails in the air, and he
Holding their hands.

The house is walking along the street,
At work we are lucky
Not on chicken thin legs,
And in rubber boots.

On the asphalt goes home
Kids a lot in it.
And over the roof of the reins,
He could walk without them can not.


Early in the morning outside the window
Knocking and ringing, and mess.
Direct steel tracks
Go red house.

The house is wonderful - runner
On its eight legs
All day long on the road:
Runs the alley
Steel two snakes.


Crowded, noisy, young,
Under the ground rumbles city.
But at home with the people here
Along the streets running.

Where it happens:
The man stands,
Stairway walks?

I in any time of the year
And in any weather
Very often in any hour
Proviso you under the ground.


Past the trees, past the Yar
Speeding without smoke,
Speeding without steam
Parovozov sister.
Who is she?

The locomotive

The earth trembles, the athlete runs,
The tail of a huge steel.




For smoke, whistle
The brothers run in single file.
I we are, we are, we are,
I knock, knock, knock,
I'm flying, flying, flying,
Be late I don't want.

Mates to visit has been filled,
For each caught
And ran into the path far -
Only left smoke.

Rushing stove ahead,
Drags huts behind.


I walked into the green house
And did not long remain in it.
Was this house
Quickly in another city.

They are different -
Green and red.
They run on rails along,
Everywhere meet them and wait.


What people comes -
The samovar in harness goes!


The locomotive without wheels!
What a miracle locomotive!
Don't mind if he did?
Directly on the sea went!

On the river domok,
Of pipe smoke.

The ship

Not asking Ford.
Climb safely into the water.
At any depth
Only the belt to me.


Underwater rail kit,
Day and night kit is not sleeping.
Day and night under water
Protect your peace.

Under the water she walks,
Our land guards,
Fulfills our mandate.
Her keen eye.

Under water house floats,
Bold in its people live.
Even under the polar ice
Can float this house.


The sea, in rivers and lakes
I swim, agile, fast.
Among the warships
Known to ease her.


Not a ship, not a boat,
Neither oars nor sails,
But she does not sink.


In view of the kids
River jumps from the mountain.
As it will not break?
And the river in response laughs: -
I'm not just jumping,
I turbine driven!


I am the river and friend and brother,
For people to work happy.
I machines built
To reduce the path can
And drought, as a warrior,
Forest and field beach!


If he lies at the bottom,
The vessel along the run.


Behind the tractor on the field
She walks
Picked her
Fill the grain.
And where her trail
The faint falls,
There wildly then
Crop ears.

For iron horse
The box stretches from the grain.
Through holes in the bottom
Poured the grain.


Iron nose
In his tracks,
Digging, digging,
arkalon sparkles.


To harvest
On the field I go
And for several cars
There are one.

Noisy on the space
Golden sea.
The steamer came,
Drank sea and left.

Among the sea I live.
I ship! I'm riding!
Sea yellow waves,
In the sea the lark is heard.


In the open, in the sea of bread,
Castle with towers to the sky.
Castle with towers to the sky
Will retain all sea bread.


Where to build a new house,
Walks warrior with a shield.
Walked around a little, shaky -
Even became a Playground.


- Rocenka-put,
What in earth are you looking for?
"I'm not looking
Earth digging and pulling.

Where you need a hundred shovels,
I'm one to work happy.

To our yard got mole,
Digging the ground at the gate.
Ton in the mouth of the earth will come,
If the mole will open his mouth.

The sand pits,
The mountain is steep
Is the giant
With an iron hand.


Oats are not fed,
The whip is not driven,
And as plows -
Seven ploughs drags.

The plow pulls, carries the forest...

The roads are not a barrier,
There are no roads - and it is not necessary:
Himself puts feet
Two wide roads.

He goes from edge to edge,
Cut a black loaf.
The hero is iron,
However, the worker it is useful:
Pulling plows a,
The conversation leads to spring.

Rides horse steel, growls,
Rear plows drags.


I'm a giant!
There's this huge
Mnogopudovye plate
I like the chocolate tiles,
In an instant raise in height.

What a miracle the giant?
Pulling your hand to the clouds,
Engaged in the work:
Helps to build the house.

The one-armed giant
Raised his hand to the clouds.
He worker is very important,
Building a multi-storey house.

Strong iron hand,
Any weight she is easy.


Miracle wiper in front of you
Zagrebelsky hands
One minute I grabbed
A huge snowdrift.

What a dashing wiper
The snow had gathered on the pavement?
Not a shovel, not a broom,
And with an iron hand.

Watering machine

Are there rain
Four wheels?
Tell me how is called
Such miracles?


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