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Riddles about sports and tourism


Green meadow,
One hundred benches around,
From gate to gate
Boyko runs the nation.
On the gates of these -
Fishing nets.


There is a lawn in our school,
And she - goats and horses.
Somersault here we
Exactly forty-five minutes.
School horses and lawn?!
What a miracle guessing!


"I don't know guys, who are you?
Bird catchers? Anglers?
Because of the net in the yard?
- Would you game
You'd better go away!
We play in ...

Soccer ball

On an empty stomach
Hit me unbearable;
Aptly toss players
Me legs cuffs.

Air in it cheat
And his leg kick.


This horse does not eat oats,
Instead of legs or two wheels.
Sit astride and rush on it,
Only better rule the wheel.

He's got two wheels
And the saddle on the frame.
Two pedals are at the bottom,
Twist their legs.

Not like I'm on a horse,
And the saddle I have.
Spokes is, they admit,
Knitting is not suitable.
No clock, no tram,
But I call and know.

I have friends - not to consider,
Among them goat is.
He is a cheerful voice -
Taking him by the horns,
Go on the track?

Birthday I -
Gave me a horse.
What a wonderful! blue-prikolebi.
sdite to be careful,
By the horns to hold on to you
It's a pity only - do not have manes. What a horse?..

What a miracle of miracles!
Beneath me two wheels.
I'm kicking them twirl
And roll, roll, roll.


Silver meadow:
't see lamb,
No lows it steer,
Not blooming Daisy.
Our meadow in winter, good,
And in the spring you will not find.


Two knights from me,
Two knights,
On the water they carry me
And the water is hard,
Like a stone.

Flows like a river - we lie,
The ice on the river - we run.

There are guys I
Two silver horse.
Go right on both.
What kind of horses I have?

My new girlfriend
And brilliant and easy,
And on the ice with me frolic,
And frost are not afraid.


Two strips in the snow
Leave on the run.
I fly from them by the arrow,
And they again behind me.

The hill - wood,
And downhill - koneska.

Two new maple
The sole two-meter:
They put two legs -
And the big snow run.

We are prompt sisters,
To run fast women,
In the rain - lie,
In the snow - run,
So we have such a mode.

Two carnasie girlfriend
Not behind each groomsman.
Both on a snow run,
be songs to sing,
Both straps on snow
Leave on the run.

Horses in the snow jumping,
As the snow falls.

Foot joy without feeling,
With fun slides I'm.
I now sport more familiar and closer
Helped me in this?..

Who on snow quickly rushes,
To fail is not afraid?




Oh, poured snow!
I am leading the horse-friend.
The rope-halter
Across the yard, horse lead.
The slide down on it flying,
And his back pulling.

I ride it Until the evening time, But my lazy horse Carries only the mountain..

First with mountain flying at them,
And after uphill pull.

All summer stood,
Winter waited
Waited pores,
Rushed from the mountain.

Took two oak bar,
Two iron polozok,
On the bars I nailed planks:
Let the snow! Ready..?


The athlete I want to be,
I went to the athlete:
- Tell us what is
How do you become an athlete?
He smiled in response:
- Very simple. Many years
Every day, getting out of bed,
Raise me?


With mind - it's a plane,
The wings feature is the pilot,
Well he knew how to fly,
But motor does not have.


On the squares of the Board
The kings brought shelf.
Not to fight the regiments
and bullets or bayonets.


The umbrella I - all white-white,
I'm a big and very bold,
I fly through the air,
With cloud people down.

Tucek not on the horizon,
But appeared in the sky umbrella.


You go with friends in the woods,
And he shoulders you got.
Himself does not want to go,
It is very heavy.

He is with you and with me
Was forest stitches -
Each marching behind
On the straps with clasps.


And from wind and heat,
Rain you will cover.
How to sleep in her sweet!
What is it?..

Hiking go home take
Which house do not live.


Swinging the arrow back and forth,
Will show us the North and the South without difficulty.
And in the taiga, and in the ocean
He'll find any way.
Fits in a pocket,
And leads us beyond ourselves.

Wherever you were,
If only lost,
He will show thee, friend,
The path to the North and South.

In my pocket -
A very good friend:
He knows where the North
And knows where the South.

On the hand he shall lie all.
Don't watch and arrows there.

He is on the road came in handy,
With him never got lost.

The bowler

He is in the campaign is very necessary,
He is very friendly fires,
Can CCS cook,
Tea scented boil.


To liebke at the river I Brought two hands. On hand to sides had built And floated on the water surface.

Will be two brother
In the river to swim:
Going back together
Together we will dive
The boat on the spot
Stand not give.


Goes without wheels,
Gauge does not leave.

First, the wood piled up,
Then inside he was fucking
Otomi blades supplied
And on the river walk allowed.

You don't go through,
Pogona not whip,
And look back:
Trail no.


Yielding to the wind in the dispute,
Drags the ship behind him.


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