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Mysteries of the sky, the earth and the heavenly bodies


No beginning, no end,
No head, no face.
Know all, young and old,
She is a great big ball.

No matter how you go, no go,
You end not here to find.

Cut - suffering,
Break - suffering,
For all the good cry.

The sky

Blue drape
All light clothes.

Above the forest, above the mountains
Spread the carpet.
He always, always spread out
Over you and me
It is grey, then blue,
It is bright blue.

Sky and snow

The large sieve, sieve blue
Sows-blowing white fluff
Forests, home to the meadow.

The sun

What beautiful light?

As the morning slowly
Inflate the red balloon,
But as a release from the hands of
-Suddenly become light around.

Not fire, and painful burns
Not a flashlight, and shines brightly,
And not a Baker and bake?

All people looks,
And the people themselves
Look no orders.

Blue handkerchief
Scarlet bun
The scarf skates
People smiling.

The sky goes
Painter without a brush
Paint brown
Colors of people.

The sun's rays

Who is included in the box
And not break it?

Sunny Bunny

I always light friendly.
If the sun in the window,
I'm from the mirror, from puddles
Run on the wall.

The stars and the sky

Spread out the carpet,
Scattered peas;
No carpet to lift,
No peas to collect.

On blue ice
Silver grains are scattered.

The black scarf
Prospan millet,
Came the cock
And peck something is just not.

The stars and the month

For countless flock
At night there was a shepherd tired.
And when he sang cock -
Escaped sheep and the shepherd.


Over my grandmother's house
Hanging bread crust.
Dogs bark,
To get can't.

Behind the house track
Hanging floor-cakes.

Croissant, croissant,
Golden horns!
The cloud sat down on the shoulders,
With cloud swung his legs.

It is a pancake, it is a wedge, a Night sky one.
Grew up, grew up,
Was horned - round began.
Only suddenly wonder circle
Again horned suddenly.


The moon

In the blue village
The chubby girl.
At night she can't sleep -
In the mirror looking at himself.

Adorned night blue
Silver orange,
And was only a week -
He remained a slice.

The milky way

If a clear night will come,
Over them you will see
That road.
During the day she
Is not visible.


Sparks burn the sky,
And we did not fly.

The air

Through the nose passes into breast
And the reverse holds path,
It is invisible, and yet
Without it we cannot live.


To run, to run - not run,
To fly, to fly not to fly.

He summer and winter -
Between heaven and earth.
Though life to him go -
He will be ahead. Visible edge, but not walk.


Her wander no laziness
Next to you the whole day.
Let the sun go
How you can find.

Step - lies ahead.
Look - back home runs.

Much runs itself does not know.
In the desert level,
In the forest strays,
Stumble at the threshold.
What is it?..

Not alive, but is,
Fixed and leads.

Go, go,
The end will not find.

She walks between villages and fields,
But people go on it.


The trickle similar,
Leads to the river passer.


Is grandma a snow cap.
Stone flanks
Wrapped in clouds.

In hot summer, I'm a winter Hat get.


He and yellow, and bulk
In the yard poured a bunch.
If you want, you can take
And to play.


Leave - more,
Add - less.


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