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Riddles about school


The house sits
Who it will include -
The mind will become.

School bell

Kulik - not great
Hundred of children says:
You sit down Yes learn,
Then stand up, stand back.


After the lesson, surely
Right guys..?


At the time something ceasing,
We declare..?

School Board

Black white
Write now and then.
Potret cloth -
Blank page.


White rabbit
On a black field jumps.

In the black box, white rabbit
Jump, run, loop did.
Trail behind him was too white.
Who is this Bunny?..

Ivory gull
On a black field rode,
Traces of a left.
White rock has melted,
On the Board traces left.


It's a beautiful bench,
On her sat's you and me.
Bench leads us both
From year to year, from class to class.


Not telling, not telling,
Yes all the shows.


New house bear in his hand,
The door of the house shut.
Here tenants paper,
All terribly important.


What a boring, brothers,
On the blank back ride!
Who would give me a couple of feet,
So I run I could.


I'm in a cage, in a line.
To write on them just here.
Can draw,
What am I?..

Launched kids blue network,
But behind a Desk and not in the river,
Not on fish, and on the words.


In a notebook I'm
Oblique and direct,
The value
I - Planck for sketching.
And finally, sometimes
The line will be built.

Pencil case

In this little box
You will find pencils,
Pens, pens, staples, buttons,
Anything for the soul.

Portfolio I
Not big and not small:
Lies in it an exercise book
Primer and...


Diplomas don't know, but the whole century writing.

Guess that kind of thing:
Sharp beak, and not a bird,
This beak it
Sowing-sowing the seeds.

Not on the field, not on the bed -
On the leaves of your notebooks.
My girlfriend lives:
In the morning she drinks ink,
Then I give her the notebook,
It on it goes to walk.

In a snowy field on the way
Racing my horse is lame
And for many years
Leaves a black mark.


A small ridge
From black lake
Water takes
White waters.

It often asks for a drink,
But little by little drink,
And if you're going to rush
And all of it to heat,
It'll make trouble.

Steel horse

On a white field runs,
A black marks are left.

Diplomas don't know
The whole century writing.


The slob, the bully
Suddenly he sat down on the page,
Because of this borovnica
I received the unit.



In the school bag I lie,
As you learn, I would say.


There, friends, this bird:
If you sit on the page,
Very glad there are I,
And me and the whole family.


There is a completely different bird,
The neck is long such
Tail hook,
And it's no secret:
Catch all she's lazy,
And her lazy - no!

If you sit on the page,
With drooping head
Returned I home.


In the top ten on the leaf
Sat smart slices
And think aloud,
Only heard: Yes knock knock.


Sweeter than honey, softer than down,
"Rest!" all whispers in my ear.
The one who is to be her friend,
It would be very bad to live.


Tell me, who works so afraid,
Stick dog
As stone - bird?


Not a deck and not a stump,
And down the whole day.


What Voditsa
Only for the literate good?



Black shirt
Our of Ivashka.
Where the nose is no lead -
The trail will leave.

Lanky Timoska
Runs on a very narrow path.
It traces your labors.

If you have to hone,
Draw whatever you want.
Sun, sea, mountains, beach,
What is this?..

The magic wand
I have, friends.
Stick this
Can I build
The tower house and the plane,
And a great big ship!

Not like the man,
But he has heart,
At work all year round
He heart gives.

He admitted the knife: -
Without a job are.
Postrigay me, friend,
In order for me to work could.


His pigtail without fear
She dips into the paint,
Then painted with pigtail
The album leads on the page.


If her work will give -
Nothing worked the pencil.

Though not laundress I, friends,
Carefully I wash.


Conspired two legs
To do arcs and circles.

Colored pencils

Huddle in the narrow house
Colorful kids.
Will only release at will -
Where was the emptiness,
Then, the beauty!

Brush and paint

Colorful sisters
Bored without water.
Uncle long and thin
Is water a beard.
And sister with him
Draw the house and smoke.


Itself is small, and mind gave.

Who says silently?

Though not a hat, and with fields
Not a flower, and root.
Talking with us
All understandable language.

She says silently,
And it is clear and not boring
You commune more with it,
Will be four times smarter.

With me in my room
Lives full of friends,
Though each one is deaf, dumb,
But often speaks to me.

Wonderland will open we
And meet the heroes
The lines on the leaves,
Where the station points.

Guess who silently teaches all:
Adults and children?

Not Bush, with leaves,
Not the shirt, and sewed,
Not people, and talking.


the walls of a large and important
The house is multi-story.
We are on the lower floor
All tenants have read already.

Settled sages
In glass palaces,
In silence alone
Reveal secrets to me.


Page primer -
Thirty-three heroes.
Everyone knows scholar.

Thirty-three sisters
The growth of Nevelsky,
If you know our secret,
We will show the whole world.

Sat on pages
Thirty three sisters.
Sat side by side and silent,
We riddles say.


Black birds
On each page
Silent, waiting,
Who is going to read.

Arrived jackdaws in the field
And sat down on the snow...
I will go to school -
To understand them I can.

Men sat in a row,
Everything we say.

Got birds on page
Know facts and fables.


The road has to go,
The earth has to plow cannot
Meadows has to mow cannot
In rivers, seas water is not available.

A country without people,
Cities without houses,
A forest without trees,
Sea without water.


The ball is not great,
Lazy bids,
If you know the subject,
It will show the whole world.

On foot one,
Twists, shakes his head.
Shows us country
Rivers, mountains, oceans.


Live in difficult book
Dodgy brothers.
Ten of them, but these brothers
Count everything.


Point the wand, hooks,
Little icons
And while reading
Require reading.

Question mark

I figure small
Point me most,
If we ask what will going
No I will not do.


In each book and notebook
You can find these beds.


Live in difficult book
Dodgy brothers.
Ten of them, but these brothers
Count everything.


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