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Riddles about communications and about mail


Pulled the string
All over the country.
Floats my word.

Through field and forest
Is voice.
He runs through the wires
I will say here,
And hear there.


Sitting on the roof, above all.

Night and day on the roof
This miracle sentinel:
All will see, all will hear,
All will share with me.

Standing on the roof of Jack
Catch news for us.


In Moscow says :
And we have heard.

Wave, wave, wave
Floating music to me.

Adapted on the roof
What they hear.
Hear isdelete
The singing, music and speech.


Through the river, through the mountains
Hear music and dialect.
We hear them helped
It is a miracle box.


What a miracle, what box?
The singer and the story-teller himself,
And also at the same time
Shows movies.

Miracle-box - a window in it,
In that window - film.

Not radio, and says,
Not a theatre and cinema shows.

Lives in him the whole universe,
And the thing is ordinary.



I'm blue,
Hanging on the wall.
And many greetings
Is stored in me.

On the table in a conspicuous place
Collects keep together,
And then his tenants
Fly to all corners.

It hangs in a prominent place,
Year-round swallow lead.


Hanging dumb, scolds the idler.
She has a number in the range
Letters to the letters stand.
Literate without shyness
Tell the news.

With her friends and sisters
She comes to us,
Stories, news new
Brings in the morning.

The sheet of paper in the morning
The apartment we are.
On one such sheet
Many different news stories.

The white doves
The house has arrived.
That where seen,
This is all about.


Put, put,
Beyond the sea forest,
And there speaks.

Side - mark and picture,
In the round stamps
Chest and back.

Small very,
Quick as a bird
If you want
Beyond the sea will pass.


Sealed with glue firmly
And I was sent urgently.
I don't regret it:
Get and instant pasting.


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