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I will master this,
As our uncle evdokima:
Making chairs and tables,
Painting doors and floors.
And while sister Tanushka
I do..?

The ball

The growth of small but efficient,
From me rode.
Though he always inflated -
With him not boring ever.

Beat him by hand and stick,
Anyone not sorry.
And what a poor beat?
But for the fact that he flies!

Lie huddled in the corner,
While you sit with a book.
When will end the lesson,
And I'm with you jump.

I colored and elastic,
Though not alive, but still a friend.

His kick,
And he's not crying!
His throw -
Back rides.
Fall - jump,
Hit don't cry.

Round, smooth and paunchy,
Painful beating the guys.

Banging on the wall -
And I will bounce. Throw on the ground
And I will jump.
I'm from the palms In the palm of fly -
Still lying
I did not want.


Tail bound for us
Flying under the clouds.

The balloon

Him holding the leash,
Although he isn't a puppy.
And he was off his leash
And flew into the clouds.

Round, smooth, like a watermelon.
Any colour, to suit different tastes.
If you let go of the leash,
Fly away into the clouds.

Light, round, but not the ball,
And not jumping he gallops.
The rope hangs.
Let down your guard will fly away.


The growth of different girlfriends,
But similar to each other,
They all sit on each other
And just one toy.


Here's a stubborn man!
Will not go forever!

You this occurs?
He didn't want to sleep,
Put - rises again
And costs-swinging.


What does all this mean?
Daughter, don't cry;
Sleep stack -
Will sleep
Day, two or even five.


Teddy bear

Animal funny custom made plush:
There are legs there and ears.
Honey beast give a little
And give him the den!


He and slender, and beautiful,
His thick mane!
Sorry, you cannot race,
Only you can swing.


Dancing baby,
And only one leg.

'll get dizzy standing or goes
And if you stop you will fall.

Spinning, turning,
And I'm not lazy
Turn even the whole day.
The guys have fun with me:
At the bottom I turn one.

While turning, I don't fret,

On one foot spinning,
Carefree, cheerful
In the motley skirt of a dancer


He dances and sings,
And buzzing like an airplane,
He runs,
He buzzing beetle.

One-Legged Ivashka -
Painted shirt!
Singing and dancing - do,
And stand - no.

Jump rope

When April takes its
And the streams are running ringing,
I jump through it,
And she through me.


Under foot Board,
But in the hands of the rope.
On the chalkboard under the clouds
We take off deftly.

Up-down, up-down.
Want to ride -
They sit down.


Horse for a horse ride,
Each other catch up.

On deer on horseback
A good ride to me!
Not on the tundra, not across the meadow -
I'm going on miracle circle.

I have, I fly,
I am delighted laugh.
Like in the circus, round and round
Race horses out for each other.
And kids race
It is very difficult to resist.

Only fear their children hide
And laugh and not cry.


Under enemy fire
Soldiers bravely.
And if they hit,
They try again.



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