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Riddles about natural phenomena


No wings to fly,
No legs running,
Without sails sail.


The milk over the river floated -
Nothing was visible,
Dissolved milk -
It became visible far away.

Sad Aeroflot,
't fly the plane.
Passengers are not easy
Ran the milk.
Ran the milk,
Ran away,
Across the fields and meadows,
On forests and cities.


I'm the antonym to the word "heat".
I'm in the river, in the shade of the thick
And a bottle of lemonade
And call me..?


Our room was penetrated.
Suddenly the curtains,
Calendar danced.
Well, that immediately with a Bang
The door was slammed in us.

The wind

No arms, no legs,
And the gate opens.

Flying without wings and sings,
Passers-by pick.
One passage does not,
Other customize it.

Himself does not see and cannot hear,
Walking, wandering, yaw, whistling.
Who will get to meet -
Hugs and fights.

Worn, whistling, rushing, yaws
Where run - leaf trembles,
Where sweep - tree bends.

In the village of rushes,
In door knocking,
The gate opens,
Dust rises.

Ran on the trail to the meadow
-Nodding poppies head.
Ran along the river blue -
The river became lumpy.

No arms, no legs knocking,
In the house wants.

There are horse,
The world won't catch up.

Without logs across the river bridges builds?

He walked nobody,
He said no one heard.
Blew in the window and disappeared
And the Windows grew a forest.

Frosty pattern

White for the night everywhere, And we have in the apartment is a miracle! Behind the window the yard disappeared-There's magic has grown forest.


In white velvet village -
And the fences, and trees.
And as the wind attack,
This velvet will fall.
Not snow, not ice,
And silver trees will be removed.

The rain

People are waiting for me, calling,
And will all run away.

I often call waiting,
And coming from me hiding.

Without path and without a road
Goes very leggy.
In the clouds hiding, in the shadows,
Only feet on the ground.

Not pedestrian, and goes,
Get wet people at the gate.
Catches the janitor him in a tub
-A very difficult riddle.

The noise of it in the field and in the garden,
But the house will not fall.
And I'm not going
As long as he goes.

Came and knocked on the roof,
Left - no one heard.

Not walking, not riding,
And floats and crying.

Who all night on the roof of the beats,
Yes taps,
And mumbles and sings, lulls?


Clouds, cloud

Heaven in the crowd
Run the leaky bags,
And sometimes -
From bags flowing water.

Waved the bird wing,
Closed world one pen.
The wings on,
The sun was covered.

Black cow heaven licks.

Fluffy wool
Flowing somewhere.
Than wool below,
The rain closer.


Here on sky racing horse
-From under the feet of flying fire.
The horse's hoof beats mighty
And splits the clouds.
So it's hard runs,
What is below the earth trembles.

He made a noise, niramala,
All washed and left.
And gardens, and vegetable gardens
Throughout the district watered.


Loud knocking loudly shouts,
And what it says - no one can understand
And the sages do not know.

Low and serious,
His character cool:
Will savorit he very sternly -
All now will run away.


A red-hot arrow
Oak brought down near the village.

Thunder, lightning

Nobody sees me,
But whoever hears.
And my companion
Everyone can see
But no one hears.

Was Nikolai -
Sarposa flame.
Passed Groin -
Shook the house.

Storm, thunder, lightning

At first glitter,
For glitter crackle.


Colorful gate
The meadow was built by someone,
But to pass them hard
The gate high.
Tried the master,
He took to paint the gate.
What a miracle of beauty!
Painted gate
Seemed on the way!
They neither enter nor to enter.

For a moment in his tracks
Colorful wonderful bridge.
Miracle-master made
The high bridge without railings.

No human hands
Pearl colored bridge
From water we have built over the waters
Wonderful view,
Tremendous growth.


Lives without a body,
Speaks without a tongue,
No one sees him,
And whoever hears.

I lay with any dog,
I want to connect with any owl
And every song of yours
I together with thee I sing.
When away steamer
The bull on the river will roar,
I also roar: "Boo!"

Hear hear,
But see don't see.

No one had seen,
And to hear every heard.

Without a body, and it lives,
Without language screams.


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