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Riddles about the New year

- One, two, three! - sound team -
Well, the Christmas tree, burn!
Lights lights
New year ...
(Natalia Kurlat)
Happy New year wishes
All the boys and girls
And the gifts he gives to us
There they are, in a bag stand.
Good it and bearded,
From the cold red nose.
Who is he, tell me, children,
Loudly, in unison: "..."
(Gregory Buldakov)
New year, new year!
Once a year he only.
Children dance
The smart ...
(Gregory Buldakov)
Time, Christmas tree light,
To have fun and to dance.
Will we shout "one-two-three":
"Together, herringbone, ...!
(Gregory Buldakov)
Slender, fluffy,
Green needles.
All in the balls and beads
Festive ...
(Tatiana Belyaeva)
We all love to laugh,
We all love to play.
Love to have fun,
Songs to sing and to dance.
I really love the gifts.
Santa Claus carries them
On this joyous holiday,
That name is ...
(Gregory Buldakov)
On the Christmas tree all I want is:
Toys there are countless.
Candy, rain and crackers,
Garlands, stars and the tip.
Among the shiny tinsel
Sparkling round ...
(Mariana SC)
Santa Claus in a hurry on the tree,
Brings the sledge.
And on them the heavy bag,
In the bag are ...
(Alexander Martynenko)
Have Bank bears honey,
There is a cat-and-mouse,
There are Christmas trees needles,
Have a Christmas tree ...
(Gregory Buldakov)
Who comes in every home
In the New year with a big sack?
Coat, hat, red nose,
This Grandpa ...
(Natalia Kurlat)

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