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Riddles about mushrooms

Mushroom, mushrooms

All Antoshka -
Hat da leg.
Rain -
He grows up.

He looks like an umbrella,
Only less than a hundredfold.
Col storm on the horizon,
He is very happy.
If the rain and heat,
He believes - lucky!

Standing on a sturdy stalk,
Now lying in the basket.

The earth has probabil,
Spine left,
Himself on a light appeared,
The cap has a cover.

Who stands on a sturdy stalk
In brown leaves at the track?
Got the cap from the grass,
Not at hat head.

Orange-cap boletus

Tom thumb,
The red hat.

I'm in the red cap grow
Among the roots of aspen.
I will see for a mile -
Called I - ...


Do not argue - not white,
I, brothers, simpler.
I usually grow
In the birch grove.

In the grove at the birches
Met namesake!



Deeply was hidden it,
One-two-three - and he went out,
And he stands in sight.
White, I'll find you.


Came the man in the pines,
Found the slug,
Throw - sorry,
Eat - damp.

The fly agaric

He is in the forest stood,
No one took,
In red hat fashionable,
No good.


No mushrooms friendlier than these -
I know adults and children -
On the stumps grow in the forest,
As freckles on his nose.

What guys on the stumps
Got close a bunch?
And hold umbrellas in hand,
Caught in the cloud.


Golden ... -
Very friendly sisters.
Go to the red berets,
Autumn in the forest bring in the summer.


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