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Riddles of food items and products


Made from boards
And put on the belt.
And stores this tableware
From field collected summer.

Is the fat lady -
Wooden belly,
Iron belt.

Bucket, bucket

The shaft went down -
Bring the water to the yard.

Water walking -
Song sonorous singing.
And go -
Tears pour.

From the house to go - dance,
And in the hut go cry.


Duck in the sea, the tail on the fence.

Fish in the sea, the tail on the fence.


Made for liquid,
And the liquid in it will not stay.


Bought new,
This round
Shake hands,
And it in all holes.


Tell me, how to call it:
All holes in her teeth,
But beets, radish, horseradish, carrot
It frays deftly.

Hard, leaky,
Thorny, gnarled,
She put on the back,
All she immediately hisglory.

Lies Sivka -
Pricked the back.


She stuffed meat mouth,
And she chews,
Chew-chew and not swallow -
In a bowl sends.


In the sky - hole, in the ground - hole,
And in the middle, fire and water.

We nosed in Foca
Constantly hands on hips.
Fock water boils
And, as a mirror Shine.

He puffs, like a chimney,
It is important holds up his nose.
They will make noise, make prudent -
Invite tea to drink.


Chernenko, hot,
And all love.


Though he lifted up his nose,
But this does not seriously.
Before anyone he not proud,
Who wants to drink - convinced.

Boils - steams,
And whistles, and radiates warmth,
Cover bracket knocking: -
Hey! Shoot me! - shouts

On the head button
Nose sieve,
One hand,
Yes, and that on the back.

Pot-bellied, big-nosed
On the stove nozzles,
Then accidentally
The song began to sing.

From the hot well
Through the nose, the water is flowing.

As will
To speak is to speak,
Have tea as soon as possible
to brew.



I ware thin,
Pale white and clear
Burn since ancient time.
I called..?


The new vessel, and in all holes.


If I empty come,
About you I forget
But when you bring the food
By mouth I fail.

Long-tailed horse
They brought us a sweet porridge.
Waiting for the horse at the gates -
Open wide your mouth.

Who is she?
Cereal scoop
And send in the mouth.


Apparently impregnable,
Her hands on her hips standing,
But inside, look
The treats inside!


In the field he was born,
The plant was boiled,
On the table disappeared.

I'm white as snow,
In honor of everyone.
In the mouth has got -
There and gone.

The white stone In the water melts.


I don't eat
And don't eat.

The dough

I bubbling away and we are,
To live in quesne I don't want.
I'm tired of kvashna,
Put in the oven for me.


Grew it first in the field,
Summer bloomed and formed ears,
And when thrashed them,
He in grain suddenly turned.
From grain to flour and dough,
The store took place.

Beat me with sticks,
Hit me with stones,
Keep me in a fiery cave,
Cut me with knives.
For me so kill?
For what I love.

Crumple and roll,
In the furnace harden,
And then at the table
Cut with a knife.

And lumpy, porous,
And sour, and brittle,
But all the miles.

It was like this: At some moment
Where data-puff-puff!
He puffed, puffed, puffed,
While in the stove he sat.
Came out -
Not puff, and wonder:
Rosy, shiny,
With a crispy crust.


What in the pan pour
Yes fourfold bend?


Sitting on a spoon
Dangling legs.


Small, sweet,
Wheel edible.
I am the one you don't see -
Divide the whole team.

Ice cream

Very fond of children
Chill in the package.
Chill, chill,
Let me lick you once.


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