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Riddles about insects and spiders


Jumping spring -
Green back -
From the grass to blade of grass,
With branches on the trail.

Champion jumps
Galloping, galloping through the meadows.

Bees, bee

Although they sting hurts
Their work we are satisfied.

The Thrifty housewife
Fly over the grass,
Will strive over the flower -
He will share the médoc.

Flying maintenka,
Flying over sweet.

Miracle city-town
Noisy row houses!
A year amber honey
In barrels will never end!
And all summer long all the people
The flowers swinging.


Fashionista winged,
Dress striped.
Growth, though scarce,
Bite - it will be bad.


Roars is bullish.

Zhu-Zhu, Zhu-Zhu,
I sit on the branch,
The letter always say.
Knowing firmly this letter,
I'm buzzing in the spring and summer.

Not buzzing when you lay,
Not buzzing when I go.
If the air whirl,
There's plenty of nauseous.

Ants, ant

Who are they? Where! Whose?
Pour black streams:
Together small dots
Build a house for himself on the mound.

I work in the farm
At the roots shaggy spruce.
On the hill dragging a log -
More than a carpenter it.

In the woods at the stump
Aetna, running:
The people working
The whole day is busy,
A city builds.



Hanging a sieve, not a hand woven.

Service not sew, and weave - weave.

On the wall in the corner of mochnacz,
He's a hunter, he and weaver.

Dolgoruky old man
In the area wove hammock
Invites: "Midge!
Relax, baby!"

Was crawling insect
Big Daisy.
But fluttered in a hurry
And became entangled in the nets.
Guess kids:
Who put the network?

In a dark corner of lives,
Silk thread weaves,
He secretly got in here,
To build a new house gathered.


On photolocker, in the corner
Hanging sieve,
No hands twisted.


The fall in the crack climbs
And in the spring will Wake up.

Not a bird, and flies,
With the trunk, not the elephant,
Nobody taming,
And she sets herself down on us.


Neither beast nor bird,
And the nose, as the spoke.
Who will kill,
That sheds his blood.

Flying, chirping,
Legs long drags,
The case will not miss:
Sit down and take a bite.

Because you're beating yourself up,
For yourself beat -
Will spill my blood.


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