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Riddles about the person and about his body


On earth he is smarter than all,
Therefore all the stronger.


It is given unto thee, and people enjoy.

And my mom is, and my dad is,
And my daughter is, and granddaughter there,
To learn more, I aloud to call.


What in the world just faster?


Day and night knocking it,
Like usual.
It will be bad if
Stop the knock.


If it hadn't been for him,
I would not say anything.

He always in the work,
When we say,
And the rest,
When we are silent.


Two neighbor-restless,
Day at work,
Night on vacation.

Two Egor live near hills,
Live together, and each other not to look.

Brother to brother across the road live
And one else sees.

On night two windowpanes
Shut down
And with the sunrise
Themselves open.

Have each person
Two beautiful lakes.
Between them there is a mountain.
Call them, kids.


I'm the antonym to the word "laughter".
Not from joy, comfort -
I'm reluctant
From misery and pain,
From resentment, failure.
Did you know? This...


Neither sow nor planted,
And they grow.

One mountain is a lot of grass
Yes cattle this grass does not eat.


For thee he trudges,
Though the place remains.



On the way our Masha goes,
The rope a goat she leads.
And passers-by look with all his eyes;
Very long the girl..?


Between two stars
In the middle of one.

Here is the mountain, and the mountain
Two deep holes.
In these holes the air haunting -
It comes, it goes.


I will open Hlavac,
Will release a herd of white sheep.

About the hole
Sitting white doves.
When we eat - they work
When you do not eat, they rest,
Not going to peel them - they will ache.

Lips and teeth

Red door in the cave mine,
White animals sit at the door.
And meat, and bread
All loot my -
I gladly white animals give.

The teeth and tongue

Thirty-two threshing,
One turns.

White athletes cut rolls
And the red talker puts.


Five brothers one work.

Two mothers
Five sons,
One name to all.

I have employees,
All help the hunters,
Do not live behind the wall
Day and night with me;
A dozen
Faithful friends.

Your helpers - look -
Ten friendly brothers who
How nice to live when they
Not afraid of work.


Whole life go to algonqu,
And to overtake each other can't.

We stand and dance.
Well, if they'll have,
They are running.
Tell me their names?


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