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Riddles about the items in the house

The door

Walks, walks and in the house does not go.

Walk per day times two,
Although always standing still.

I'm in the house every'll let you in,
Knock - glad I knock.
But one thing I will not forgive
If don't give me a hand.

With one hand all meets,
Another hand - off.
Who comes, who goes -
All of her hand drive.

I know the darkness,
Can't find it itself,
Because who is to be held,
That and my hand shake.


Black dog
Curled lies:
Doesn't bark, doesn't bite,
But the house will not let me.


I sometimes take
The river of their origin,
And in your hands open
I any lock.

I all of the iron,
I crack in climbed.
Are you in the house for anything
Will not go without me.

The tail in the yard,
Nose in a kennel.
My tail will turn,
He and the house will be included.

Lays it without attention
All day in your pocket.
Without it, the home will come -
The house will not fall.

With a short beard,
With a hole in the middle,
I lie quietly,
In the pocket ringing.

I'm in the door, I'm in the castle,
I and in the musical line,
I'll turn the nut,
I can if I want
The telegram send
And a mystery to unravel.


Without the driver, without wheels,
And brought me home.

It took me almost
To the door of the apartment.
Ran them in the way


Wooden road
Up is sloping.
Whatever step the ravine.

What road was this:
Who it is -
He limps?

Window, Windows

Not on the floor, not on the shelf,
And the house looks, and on the street.

Landmark wooden,
And field glass.

Many neighbors live close,
And never see each other.


I'm from the house to the threshold
Only one stepped step -
The door closed behind him,
There is no way in front of me.

I am home and not at home,
Between heaven and earth,
What is here, friends,
Where am I?

The house as a house,
A hundred pockets in it.
In each pocket
A bed of flowers.


Look under window -
There stretched a harmonica
But the organ does not play -
Us apartment warms.

Underneath the accordion,
Hot as fire.

Stretched like a harmonica
Wonder stove under a window.


I carry the water,
Us water handy.
We swim without hassle,
If there?..

If the river on a tube,
Running up to the house to you
And hosts in it
As we will call it?

Water faucet

The music I kin,
Overni hurry me:
And cold water
Alive I'll wash.


Got our dough
In hot place.
Hit is not lost,
Toasted bun was.

Is the house made of bricks,
Then cold, then hot.

Our thick Fedor
Eats slowly,
But when satisfied,
From Fedora - heat.

In the hut - hut,
On the house - pipe,
Noise in the house,
Buzzed in the pipe.

Sees the fire nation,
But stew is not.


On the roof of our dwarf sits
And the sky every day bloat.

Sitting on top of all above,
Smoke breathing.


To not chew chew and devour all.

That barely touch on,
Turns up in smoke wood?

No matter how much he ate,
Ever not eat a thing.

Feed - live,
You can drink, you'll die.


A little house, and many residents.

In a wooden house
Inhabited by dwarfs.
Such good fellows -
Give out all the lights.

This close-close the house.
A hundred of the little sisters huddle in it.
Any of the sisters
Can flare up like a fire.

To clean swietlicki
Sleeping sister Nevelsky,
These sisters all day
Extracted light.


I was born in the stove,
He Sevilla in rings,
Have danced Trepca
And went into the clouds.

I'm hairy, I'm shaggy,
I winter over each hut,
Above the fire and the plant,
Over the fire and steamer
But nowhere, nowhere I
Does not happen without fire.

White pillar stands on the roof
And grows higher and higher.
Now he has grown up to the heavens -
And disappeared.

No arms, no legs,
And the house got.

Fire and smoke

Father hot and red,
It can be dangerous.
And the son will be soaring bird,
The father will not return.


Has been in the oven for I treasure,
I for the field you need.
What stove gave me?
What is the name of the treasure?..


Black horse is jumping into the fire.


Melt may not honey,
Not light, but the light gives.

The head fire is burning,
The body melts and burns.

I want to be useful:
Lamp not, I will devote.


She is on the outside like a pear,
Hanging idle day
And at night the lights of the house.

The house is a glass bubble,
And lives in it - the light!
During the day he sleeps, and how to Wake up,
Bright flame will be lit.

The sun above the ceiling
Shines late in the evening.

I brought the sun
For the window.
The ceiling hung -
Was the fun house.

Held under the ceiling
Amazing lace.
Screwed bubble -
Illuminate the light.

Electricity, electric current

Who by wire
In the house comes to us?
To distant villages, towns,
Who goes through the wires?
Bright Majesty!

On the trails I run,
Without footpaths can't.
Where me, guys, no,
Turn the house lights.

The meter

Very simple controller
The wall looks in focus,
Staring, not blinking:
One has only light to light
Ile electrical outlets furnace
All of us shakes.


Behind the white door - cold, ice,
There's Santa Claus, friends, lives.

Discover the look:
The North pole inside!
There shines the snow and ice,
There winter lives.

Standing in the kitchen of the white house,
A solemn look.
Like solid milk
On all sides are covered.

Brought to the kitchen drawer -
White and shiny,
And inside all white.
Mailbox cold does.

Santa Claus all year round
In the white house living.
You will pritine and silent,
I would Wake up and grumbles.

Guess soon, my friend,
What a snowy mansion?
Keeps in the heat for us
Milk, sour cream, kvass.


Got on the table he from under the bench,
Looked around on the stand,
Flexible tail wagged,
Folds with tie lisol.

Then back, then forward
He goes wandering about the ship.
Stop - grief!
Hole sea!

In the plain country
The river bed Sheet
A steamship
Then back, then forward.
Followed by such surface -
Not a wrinkle in sight.

Walk slightly hot I
And will become smooth drape.
Can correct imperfections
And put on the pants of the arrow.

Vacuum cleaner

He goes wandering the carpets,
Lead by the nose to the corners.
Where was there no dust,
Dust and debris is his lunch.

We have the apartment robot,
It has a huge trunk.
Love the robot clean
And buzzing, as the liner "Tu".

He willingly dust breathes,
No pain, no sneezing.

I inhale a lot of dust,
So you were healthy.


Cargo go -
without cargo stop.

We all age, and not man.

All day mustache wiggling
And time to learn commanded.

We go at night, go in the afternoon,
But we will not go away.

We hit regularly every hour,
And you, friends, don't hit us!

The whole century is Remoska:
Nor sleeping him nor dreasky.
The exact steps he account leads,
And the same will not do.

Knocks, strumming, spinning,
Not afraid of anyone.
Believes all his life,
But not all people.

On the hand and on the wall,
And on the tower in the sky.
Go, go smooth
From sunrise to sunrise.

We day do not sleep,
And we do not sleep at night.
And the days and nights
We knock, knock, knock.


I do not knock in vain -
when it will Wake up.

Every day at seven in the morning
I crack: "Get Porra!"


Two sisters one after the other
Run round and round:
Shorty - only time
The one above, every hour.


I'm under the mouse will sit
And what will indicate:
Or will be allowed to walk,
Or lay in bed.


Whimsical sandals
Once I said: -
I'm afraid we ticklish
Shoe strict..?



Hanging on the wall plate,
The plate goes to the shooter.
This arrow ahead
Us weather learns.


Have ears, and hear.
No hands, and writes.

The gramophone

Musician, singer, storyteller,
And just circle Yes box.


I turn, but not Yul,
As for me running the needle,
I am tossing and turning not getting tired,
Speak, sing, play.

The camera

Bring glass eyes,
Clicked again and remember us.


He is a crank, or ignorant?
On any look:
The top is worn clothing.
He W it inside.


Legs-four, cap one,
Need, if ye are to dine family.

Four brother
live under one roof,
one girt with a girdle.


On four legs stand
To go I never can:
When you get tired of walking,
You can sit down and relax.

Is back, and is not never.

There are four legs,
Instead of going and three.

Itself is always worth it
And all to sit orders.


At night in my Wanatka
'll Satellit sweet
We don't want to get up.
What kind of thing am I?..

Sleeps on her pillow.
And at night, Andrei.


Two of the abdomen, four eyelets.

Feather and down we were stuffed,
So very soft we were.
Lie quietly under the cheek,
That dream was strong and calm.


I lie beneath your feet,
Stomp my boots,
And tomorrow the yard take me
And hit me, colorite me.
So the children could lie on me
Wallow and tumble on me.


When you are lying on the place,
Without opening his mouth,
In me, I will say but honor,
So empty!
Hurry, hurry the summer
! And people will put
Road items
Into my big mouth.


Who is with me under the rain came,
So I kind of roof.

Himself he reveals,
And you it closes.
Only the rain would pass,
Will do the opposite.

Rain saves,
And the wet.
Though wet,
But don't get wet.

I'm under a small roof
Take a walk in the rain came.


From a cold rubber,
And to warm the can.
Pour the boiling water -
Then and warm.


On the rope fingers
Keep the blanket.


How watermelons, big,
Then, like apples, crayons.
They can't talk,
But can all identify.


Mushroom collectors need it,
Without him not -- you cook that along for dinner,
Hunting will not go.
What is this?..

If imprisoned,
All easily it cuts very:
Bread, potatoes, beets, meat,
Fish, apples and oil.


Two ends, two rings,
In the middle of carnations.

The tool experienced -
Not big, not small.
He has plenty of worries,
He cuts and cuts.

Look, we opened mouth,
In her paper can be put.
Paper in our mouth
Will be divided into parts.


How did Kuma for the cause,
Screamed and sang,
Ate, ate, oak, oak,
Broke a tooth, the tooth.

Rides-rides to and fro,
The teeth will take
Into two parts resoult.

If pine Yes ate
Run and jump could
They from me without looking back
Rushed least
And more to me
Never met would
Because I will tell you,
Not bragging, -
I steel and evil,

Wood eater eats,
One hundred teeth in one row.


Ran into the screw leg,
Lost babbler peace.


Where hit by the tail,
Will be a hole then.


It is a day rang in Bor
Thick, whitish frost,
And at night, going to the fire
Fell asleep in the log I buried my nose.

Is the man of the forest,
The mirror behind the belt.

Bows, bows,
Come home - stretch.

In the forest go - home look,
Coming home - the forest look.

Remarkable buddy:
Wooden vast,
Yes iron butt,
Yes roasted scallops.

He had carpenters in high esteem,
Every day with him at work.

Though the growth of small,
And to reverence used:
Before him, oaks, and maples,
And birch beat bows.


Titus, the job came,
Every heard.
He is thin, the head with the PUD,
As hit - hard will.


All I'm made of iron,
I have no feet, no hands.
I hat the Board will fit,
And I'm fat, Yes fat.

Beat the kid by the cap,
So he lived in the wood.

Without a head, and a hat.
One leg, and that without the boot.

Hammer knock-knock -
Sticks on the wall bitches.
Knocked again
Will not see.

The hammer and the nail

Thick full beat -
Thin anything will beat.

The most spirited I work
In the workshop.
Pounding that I have a urine
All day long
As will catch sight lieboch,
What lies without the use of,
I will press it to the Board
Yes as knocks on the head!
The Board will hide the poor
Just seen his cap.

Iron one
It hit hard,
And he disappeared,
Left cap.


Body nimble, like a snake,
In the Board I twisted.

The plane

At the ridge the little humpbacked horse
Wooden sides.
As will hold it in my hand -
Will zaskolzil it on the Board.

In wood river
Running the boat new,
Sbivaetsya in rings
Smoke his pine.

I head run -
Curls with bald cut.

The cutter

On the mirror rink,
On a single horse,
He went once,
And broke up the whole rink.


This stone circle
Tools best friend
Will Uzvara sparks over them,
Sharp will make blunt.


They toil,
All the time something click.

Sewing machine

In the meadow wool
Dancing tonkonogy.
From under the steel shoes
Creeps stitch.

The needle and thread

Small I,
Thin and sharp,
The nose of the path looking for,
For him, tail dragging.

Has a girlfriend
For my ear,
Quilting one
Century runs for me.

Walks mistress
Silk and shitzu,
As her small baby step!
Called he - stitch

I one-eared woman,
I jump on canvas
And the long thread of the ear,
As a cobweb, I pull.

Needle, needles

They are usually for sewing;
And the hedgehog of them I saw.

Are on a pine tree, on the tree,
And called ?..

All panels,
That will sew is not wearing.

Tonkonogy Of Gelila
All dressed-dressed.
At the most, the poor,
Not even shirts.


Small head
On the finger sits,
Hundreds of eyes
In all directions looking.

On the one finger
The bucket upside down.


Two slender sister
In the hands of women
All day we dived in loops
And here is the scarf for Petence.

Brush a

Someone to call me not?
I'm on the hedgehog similar.
I'm from dust and stains ;
Protect your dress.

Brush sex

The day our dancer
Happy on the floor to dance,
Which will make things difficult for them, where waving,
No particles could not be found.

Like the hedgehog,
But does not ask for food.
The clothes run -
Clothes will be cleaner.


A lot of friendly guys
One pillar sitting.
How will they frolic -
Only dust swirls around.

Twisted, tied,
At stake is planted,
And street dancing.

An old lady prowling in the yard,
The purity of respects.


Chapoton Egor
Started cleaning:
Dancing around the room went
Looked around - clean the floor.

Is Plowing His Hands Through His
Shaggy and disheveled!
House aches -
Twigs waves.
For dashing dance
Born belted.

Little Erotica
Belted short,
On the floor jump-jump -
And villages in the area.

Chapoton Egor
Started cleaning:
Dancing around the room went
Looked around - clean the floor.


It came to the courtyard of the serpent,
Black and long,
Snow water poured,
At work yawned,
Worked for a day
In the backyard skating rink.


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