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Mysteries of the garden and the garden,
riddles about the vegetables, berries and fruits


Inseparable circle of friends
Pulls to the sun hundreds of hands.
But in the hands of fragrant goods,
Different beads For a different taste.

Scarecrow, Scarecrow

Is Antoshka
On a wooden leg,
Hands of the stick,
In the hands of washcloths.
The wooden body,
Clothes torn,
Not eating, not drinking,
The garden guards.

In the garden stands,
Says nothing.
Himself does not take
And the ravens does not.

On the raspberries came,
Eat it wanted.
But saw the freak -
And probably from the garden!
But the ugly sitting on a stick
With a beard of washcloths.


Lay the light,
Rushed into the darkness,
Yes and there is no rest:
How to break the light.


In the hot sun has dried up
And torn from the pods..?


The head on the stem,
In the head - dots.

Standing in the garden curls -
Red shirt,
The heart is difficult.
What is it?

Potatoes, potatoes

Watchful eyes -
Hero Taras,
The dungeon is gone,
10 brothers found.
Come brothers in the light,
Met in Council -
All goggle-eyed
Yes cheek.

Buried in may
And one hundred days is not removed,
But dig beneath the autumn of steel -
Not found one, but ten!
As the name of the children?

Strange, lumpy,
And come to the table she
Say fun guys:
"Well, crumbly, delicious!"

What was dug out of the ground,
Grilled, boiled?
In ashes we baked
Eat Yes praised?


Was seated lady in the garden,
Dressed in a noisy silk.
We prepare for her tubs
And a sack of salt.

The whole summer trying -
Dressed, dressed...
And as autumn came,
Us clothes gave.
The hundreds clothes
Have we put in the barrel

Freak I glory,
Head white, curly.
Who loves soup,
I seek.

How put a hundred shirts,
There was a crunch on the teeth.

Seventy clothes,
And all without fasteners.

Dressed Alena
In the sarafan its green,
Stated ruffles thick
You recognize her?..


Red nose in his tracks,
And the green tail outside.
Us green tail is not needed
Only need a red nose.

The fair maiden
Sitting in prison,
And spit on the street.

For kuryavyi crest
Fox mink fur dragged.
On the touch is very smooth,
Taste as sugar sweet.


Top green bottom red,
In his tracks.
Above ground grass,
Underground scarlet head.


The head of gold
Great, heavy.
The head of gold
Relax lay.
Head large,
Only the neck is thin.

Cucumber, cucumber

Summer ~ in the garden,
Fresh, green,
And in winter - in a barrel,
Strong, salty.

The smooth Teladi
Tied to the bed.
Lying rows,
Green themselves.

Collapsed in disarray
On his feather bed-beds
One hundred green bears,
With the nipple in the mouth lie,
Continuously suck juice
And grow, grow, grow.

Lies between beds -
Green and sweet.

Without Windows, without doors
Full room of people.


Grow in the garden
Green branches,
And they
Red kids.

In the garden grow.
And when I Mature,
Brewed from me tomato,
Put in soup
And so eat.


He has never and nobody
Not offended in the world.
What a cry from him
Both adults and children?

Threw egorushka
Golden feathers -
Made The Yegorushka
To cry without goriushka.

I grew up on a vegetable garden
The nature of my smooth:
Wherever you come,
All to tears will bring.

Before we ate,
We had damn little.

Ten of clothing tightly dressed,
Often comes to our house for dinner.
But only at the table you'll call him,
He will not notice
As tears shed.

Me go to learn to shoot,
On the bed you make me look.
Can I get straight to the bird,
And often get in the soup.

Sits grandfather,
In a hundred coats dressed,
Who strips,
He sheds tears.

Not hits, not bashing,
And he's crying.


Come lady
In the Golden dress,
Steel lady discharged,
Began to weep and cry.



Red mouse
White tail
In the mink sits
Under the green sheet
Outside red,
Inside white
On the head of Pappus -
Green forest.


Round, instead of month
Yellow, not oil,
With the tail and not the mouse.

The earth will throw
Em she's a little,
And he is already growing


A small, bitter
Luke's brother.
Its child he is in the land,
Removed for the winter.
Head on bow similar.
If only Powell
Even a little scratch -
Will smell for a very long time.


White, skinny root
Under the earth is growing.
And although it is very bitter,
Eating us it is valid:
Everyone from adults to children -
With jelly to eat it.


I rosy Doll
From friends will not tear,
Wait, when Matryoshka
drops itself into the grass.

Round, rosy,
Fell from the tree,
Luba mouth hit.

Round, rosy,
I grow on a branch:
Love me adult
And small children.

As long as it was small,
Not fell it,
And rose fell.
Isn't it funny?

Itself with the Cam,
Red flank.
Touch your finger smoothly,
And bite - sweet.


Crisp,sweet, juicy,
All in the cover of gold.
Not from the candy factory
From Africa.


The sun heats the pot-bellied
Fortress in the striped shirt.
Round, striped,
From the garden taken,
Sugar and red became -
Eat, please!

In kindergarten with melons
Brought balls.
Filed for dinner ball
Sweet he is and how the Bunting.

The coat on me green,
And heart, as Bunting,
It tastes like sugar, sweet,
And the like on the ball.

He's big as a soccer ball!
If ripe, and everyone is happy!
So pleasant it taste like!
What's this?

Inside I red,
Very sweet,
Well, who will eat me

Round, round,
Sweet, sweet,
With striped skin smooth,
And will cut look:
Red, red
It is inside.

Among plantation -
Green balls.
Swooped kids -
From balls one bark.


Red Sign Matryoshka,
Scarlet heart.
The red beads hanging,
From the bushes looking down upon us.
Love these beads
Children, birds and bears.


On the forest glade
Front Tatiana -
Red dress,
White spots.

I drop summer
On a thin stalk.
Weave for me
Kuzovkov and baskets.
Who loves me,
He is happy to worship.
And the name gave
I native land.

On Pripet the stumps
Many thin stems.
Each thin stalk
Keeps the red light.
Unbend stems
Collect the lights.

How to stitch on the track
See scarlet earrings.
For one bent
And ten came across!
I was late, not lazy -
A mug with the top scored.


Dolgonozhki boasts:
- Am I not beautiful?
And just bone
Yes red sign blouse!

Was green, small
Then I became alankay.
The sun turned black I
And now I'm ripe.
Red, delicious,
Inside the bone.


Black berries lush Bush -
Good they taste!


I'm red, I kisla,
I grew up in the swamp,
Were matured under the snow,
Well, who knows me?

What kind of bead here
On the pole hung?
Look - 'll,
And they will catch - sweet!


On knot hanging balls
Turned blue from the heat.
Blue uniform,
Warm lining,
And in the middle of sweet.


Low, Yes prickly,
Yes not odorous.
Berry picks -
The whole arm will be skinned.


The taste of the berries is good,
But break it podi:
Bush in the thorns, like a hedgehog
That's called?..


Under the sheet on each branch
Sit small children.
The one who the children will gather,
Hands will vymazat and mouth.

In the forest and the swamp
The grass you can find.
A blue bunch -
Sour-sweet berries a handful.


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