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Mysteries of the forest and plants


Is the girl
Oh, well-dressed:
All is then fine.
White black shit
Dress on her.
Wind it in a hurry,
Cards curls her
Green braid develops,
In the bright sun bathing.

In a white dress
Was in a clearing.
Flew Tits,
Sat on plaits.

Green, not a meadow,
White, not snow,
Curly and not the head.
Sticky buds
The green leaves.

With white bark
Standing under the mountain.

Is Alena,
Scarf green
Thin mill,
White dress.

Standing in the field sisters:
Dresses henbane,
Beanies green.


Her bushes
High gusty,
The trunk and branches - tube,
Very fragile.
Berries red,
Yes not tasty.


Spring cheers, autumn nourishes,
Summer cools, warm in winter.

Its spring and summer
We saw dressed,
And in autumn with poor
Ripped off all shirts.

Us in the rain and in the heat
Help a friend,
Green and good -
Will give us a dozen hands
And thousand palms.


I crumb-drums came out,
The roots have started up and grew up.
I feed the pigs and squirrels
Nothing that the fruit of my chalk.


The grass that grows on the slopes
And on hillocks green.
The smell is strong and sweet,
And her sweet leaf
We go for tea.
What kind of grass, guess?


Winter and summer in one color.

What is this girl -
Not a seamstress, not a mistress,
Nothing she does not sew,
And needles all year round?

Its always in the woods will find -
Go for a walk and meet:
Is prickly as a hedgehog,
In winter in summer dress.

Spiny, green
cut down with an axe,
Spiny, green
Comes to us in the house.

Oh and dress! Entirely needles. Wear this dress?..

Winter and summer green,
In the forest she lives.
A needle
Short and chopping.


The Golden ball
Hid Dubcek.


In haymaking bitter,
In frost - sweet,
What is this berry?


Grows on the land,
The head of the plush.


I green boiling water
Feet bare annealed.
The fences he sometimes
Never cools down.

This potion you don't touch:
Burns hurt like fire.

Growing green Bush,
Touch - bite.

Ah, don't touch me,
Will burn without fire.

Not the fire and burns
In his hands is not given.

He grew up under the willow. To call it?


Who, once hot it will be,
The coat on the shoulders will pull,
But there does come a cold evil -
Takes off from his shoulders down with her?

The hero is rich,
Treats all the guys.
Vanya - strawberries,
Tanya - stone bramble,
Masha - nut,
Peter - siraiki,
Katenka - price
Vasya - stick.

Spring dresses
Autumn undresses.

The house from all sides open,
He carved roof open.
Go in the green house
Miracles will see it!

Sorry for the cold poor thing -
All winds and breezes
He last shirt
Gave away the scraps.


From my flower beret
Bee the most delicious honey.
And I all W offend:
Skin thin hairs.


Red Egor
Fell in the lake.
He did not drown
And the water is not stirred up.

With branches in the river will fall
And not sinking and floating.


Have relatives tree
Neolucia needles,
But, unlike trees,
Fall off the needles.


In summer, grow,
And in the autumn fall.



In the morning dew washed,
Once a year oblique shaved.

We at carpet to go with you,
No one wove.
He spread itself,
Down by the river blue And yellow, and blue, and al!


I the site plant,
Konopat my wall.

Soft, not fluff,
Green, not grass.


Round, ripe, tanned,
Got by heart,
Crack all could not
And came under the hammer,
Crunched and cracked ribs.

Chalk chalk chalk chalk!
Grew up on the branch to the trunk.
The trunk is not simple,
The chest bone.

Clung closely
Brother brother,
Green nests sit,
Nests skilled,
And the little tasty.

Is high,
Hanging far
Around smoothly,
In the middle of the sweet.


What kind of tree stands -
There is no wind, and the leaf trembles?


Sheet acute, narrow,
Runs high,
Grows in the swamp.


Me in the forest left,
The whole age of forced to hang around:

In the rabbit ear flaps winter,
And in the summer with a shaved head.

Stumps in the snow

There are Cossacks,
They are white caps.


All covered in dust
At least forces a bit,
On the road he sticks out.
He bent legs,
Unremarkable it is.
A thin stalk at the track.
At the end of his earrings.
On the ground lay the sheets -
Small lopucki.
To us he is like a good friend,
Cures sores on the legs and arms.


Breathes, grows,
And can not walk.


Releases he leaves
The widest latitude.
Held on strong stems
One hundred fruits rough, grippy:
If they will not pass -
Mind that they all will find.

Grew in the field angry and sarcastic,
On all sides of the needle.


Grows on land, Head of the plush.
How to call him?

Among the marshes
High and fast is it growing,
If he bamboo, not grass.
Dark cigar - head.


In hay - bitter
In frost - sweet.
What kind of berry?

Spring green,
Summer tanned,
Autumn wore
Red corals.


Matted locks and attired sharp beveled,
Mountain piled high.


I have long needles,
Than the tree.
I grow very straight
In the height.
If I'm not on the edge,
Branches only at the top.

Poplar fluff

Whether from the roof, whether from the sky
Or wool, or feathers.
Or maybe the snow flakes
Appeared in the summer all of a sudden?
Who are they hiding
Sprinkles, if out of the bag?

Summer snow!
Just laughter!

Snow city fly
Why does it not melt?


It's under the autumn dies
And again in the spring comes to life.
Needle green will come to light,
Grows, blooms all summer. Cows without it - the trouble is It is their main food.


The trunk of this difficult:
Though long, but empty.


Growing the top down?

That hangs the top down?


The tree will press
And up the snake winds.
And the fall out to the garden -
Clusters of yellow hanging.


If snow ball white
In the spring it bloomed,
Gentle smell exuded.
And when the time came,
Once it became
All from berries black.


Sitting on a stick
In the red shirt,
Belly contentedly -
Stones filled.


There are almost a hundred meters of growth,
To climb hard!
From Australia he was
To us in Colchis delivered.
He has one job -
The draining of the swamp.


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