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Riddles about the fields and field plants


Winter white,
Spring black,
Summer green,
Autumn Strigino.

What sea village
Concerned about the breeze?
The waves can be collected,
Put in a bag.

In debt grain take -
The loaf will return.


The teeth go, waving crests,
Reaper on the field running,
As a boy under the machine,
Field bald cut.

The sheaf

Lies man
In the Golden caftan,
Belted, but not the belt,
Himself to stand up -
People raise.


He hands is
And whiskers twitching.
Will knead it in your hand -
Golden grain is filled.

Golden he and baleen,
A hundred pockets a hundred guys.
Grew up in the field house,
Full house grain,

The walls are gilded,
The shutters were boarded up.
There is a house rolls
On the stem with gold.

Was a speck of gold -
Became green arrow.
The summer sun shone
And the gilded arrow.


One threw
A handful took.

In the warm earth will be gone,
To the sun I will ascend above the ear
It then such as I,
Will the whole family!

Can be sown as from a sieve,
But not powder.
Sapolsky in the rye,
But not to be.


In the field grew,
Under the stone was
From the oven to the table
The loaf came.

From the sky the sun was Golden
Gold pours rays.
Field friendly wall
Gold beetles.


Two weeks selinitsa,
Two weeks ears,
Two weeks fades,
Two weeks pours,
Two weeks dries?



Turned towards the sun
Gold bottom.

It is thoughtful,
Yellow crown,
Darken freckles
On her round face.

the garden at the track
Is the sun on the leg.
Only the yellow rays
He is not hot.

Split it -
Will seed
Plant it -
Is the sun.

Golden sieve
Black houses fully.

In the garden, on the track,
Under my window
Bloomed today the sun
On a high pedestal.


We wrapped up the girls
Hair wind stirs.


In the field - the panicle,
In the bag - gold.


From the land of grow -
The whole world dress.

Heated, dried,
Beaten, torn,
On the table laid.

Beat me, beat,
Beat, beat,
The pieces tore,
On the field of play,
Turnkey locked,
On the table was spread.


Stems white Cup,
In them and thread, and shirts.

Fluffy, but not Pooh
And Bel, but not snow,

The field is growing
Wonderful fur.

Here miracles happen, guys:
Grew up in the box white wool!
Cotton farm was removed.
Urgent wool factory has sent.
There will be new clothes for our kids:
Brothers - pants,
Sister - Bathrobe!


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