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Riddles about clothes and shoes


Wear on the head of the field,
But it doesn't land.


I any girl
Covered my hair,
Your back and the boy

From the sun I protection -
In order and stapled.


I like the umbrella and not get wet
From rain to protect you
And from the wind you will cover.
Well, what do I like?


Do not tie it, not the collar,
And the neck compressing accustomed.
But not always, and only then,
When you are cold.

Winter stretches,
And in the summer curled.


In both houses dark,
But it's hot right.
And if will light window
It will make mom.

Two sisters, two braids
Fleece is thin,
How to walk - so to wear,
Not freezing five Yes five.

Gave the brothers a warm house,
To have lived five.
The big brother did not agree
And separately settled.

Hey guys, guess who:
Ten brothers
Two coats is enough?

Gloves, glove

Once dispatched
It's winter walk
Tenants in the house dwell,
And in every - five.

Five sacks of wool -
Bask brothers in them.

No fingers, as humans,
But the fingers without nails.

Built Gleevec for five sheep.


Shoes, shoes

Always we walk together,
Similar as brothers.
We at dinner under the table,
And at night - under the bed.


Two brother
Can't leave:
In the morning, on the road,
Night - to the threshold.

Made from black leather,
Now go we can.
And slushy road
Do not get wet our feet.

Rubber boots

Guess the riddle - who we are:
On a clear day, we sit at home.
If the rain - we work:
Stomp, slap in the swamps.


Not shoes, not boots,
But they, too, are the legs.
In them we run in the winter:
In the morning at school,
Day - home.

Pats, roll,
And winter haul.


Day Hoop,
Night snake.


Not a flicker, not a bird
Holds two pigtails.


Black, not the earth,
Fluffy, not snow,
Warm, but not the stove.


Sitting astride,
Don't know who.
Acquaintance meeting,
Will come off - like.


One heel after nose?


Enter at one door,
but out of the three.
I think it came out,
and actually went.


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