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Riddles about birds


Without arms, without toporeka
Built isbank.

Cradle for children
From grass and twigs.

Dry leaves
On knot-Suchocka.
They are the testicles -
Displayed birdies.


To raise you,
And through the hut
Not to throw.

Fell a tour on the water,
not muddied water tour.


Miles is not considered,
Roads not traveled,
And overseas have been.

Sparrows, Swifts, penguins,
Bullfinches, rooks, peacocks,
Parrots and Tits:
In short it is ...
(Yu Svetlova)

Who is twice born:
For the first time smooth,
The second time soft?

Who went to flight,
In the beak a sprig is?

Dream at night the spider
The whangdoodle on bitch.
A long beak and two wings.
Appears bad.
And who the spider is afraid?
Guessed? This...


In the wall hole in one
The door and replaces the window.
The cabin has a balcony.
Only without peralez it.
Settled in her house
Incomparable singers.
(Century Kremnev)

Sturdy wooden house
With a small round window.
He is on a long stalk,
In order not got cats.

Between branches new house
There are no doors in the house,
Only a round window,
Do not get even a cat.

On the pole fun house
With a small round window.
So fell asleep children,
The house shakes wind.
On the porch singing father
He and the pilot, and singer.

Whose on the tree house?
I built and my brother.
Door - circle, no window.
The house is empty, silence...



In a winter day, among the branches
The table is set for guests.

The new hut,
For all dining,
Calls to dine,
Crumbs to taste.

What a buffet among birches
Under the open sky?
Treats it in the cold
Birds of grain and bread.

The hive and the birdhouse

Standing under the birch
A house with a window,
Another birch,
And also with a window.
Who lives in the first,
The buzzing under the birch
And who is the second
He is circling the birch.


White barrel,
It no Suchocka.

White tent without Windows, without doors.

White sheepskin sewn together with no hem.

In the little white room yellow lady sits.

In a white bag yellow stone.

In the house, the food, and the door is locked.

Cook - salt,
I have not retreat.

Lives in him the whole universe,
And the thing is ordinary.

What kind of food even cook it in five poods of salt,
never be salted?

May be broken,
Maybe boil,
If you want a bird
May develop.

On the table is white, has fallen from the table - yellow.

Under the white crust yellow heart.

Struck I wall - saw silver;
struck silver - saw gold.

Silver wall Golden juice full.

I have a fortress:
outside, silver inside gold.

Fall break -
any blacksmith will not bind.

Egg and chick

White, round,
Long lay quietly,
Then it cracked and screamed -
And dead became alive.

The round house, the white house,
The house was first a whole,
But as cracked finally,
And popped the tenant.

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