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Riddles about personal hygiene items


Splashing warm wave
In the banks of cast iron.
Guess remember:
What sea is in the room?

White trough
The floor is nailed.

White lake -
Then complete the shallows
From the sky pure water
Then fill the lake,
And you will disappear without a trace.

Iron house,
Paraty wall therein,
Roofs there are no bottom,
And at the bottom of the window.

Can I it on the bottom of the dive,
But I can not drown,
And if you become deeply
Open the tube I is easy.


What was! What was!
Mother river in the house was let.
River fun murmured,
Mom in her underwear washed.
And then,
I swam in the rain.

In the small house
A lot of people lives,
All honest Yes simple,
All clear Yes clear,
And as a guest will come -
Will run out people,
The guest will fall -
Yes guest won't be offended
Time to embrace, and the other
Will Shine with cleanliness.

The rain is warm and thick,
This rain is not simple:
He no clouds, no clouds
The whole day is ready to go.


Is Parashka -
Holding the Cup,
Head bowed,
The spout is lowered,
And from the spout flows
In a Cup of clean water.

Silver trumpet,
From the pipe - water,
Water runs and pours
In the whiteness well,
The trumpet - two brother,
Sit Yes have fun.
One coat red
The second is in the blue,
Both friend-brother
Run the water.


I saw his portrait.
Expired - portrait no.

And shines, and shines,
Anyone it's not flattering, -
And any truth to say -
All as is, he'll show.

Though he for a moment did not leave
You birthday,
His face thou hast not seen,
But only a reflection.

In that room portrait
All you like.
Sexmates and, in response,
He would laugh too.

Not looked in the window -
Was one Antoshka.
Looked out the window -
There second Antoshka.
What is this window
What did Antoshka?

Sage it saw the sage,
Fool - fool,
sheep - sheep
The sheep saw in him sheep,
And the monkey - monkey,
But there was brought to him
Fedya Baratova,
And he saw
The slut hairy.


When I wash my face,
Tears shed.

Look -
Drowning in the river and in the trough!
Why is it always
Only where there is water?

Slipping away as alive,
But do not release it I.
The case is quite clear -
Let washed my hands.

Bubbles blew,
Foam up Les
And it was not,
All of it was gone.

Take me,
Wash, bathe,
And what I am -
Quick guess,
And know this:
Most would be trouble,
When I would not let no water.

Smooth and fragrant,
Washes very clean,
It is necessary that each one had.
What is it?

Escapes as a living,
But do not release it I
White foam foam
Hand wash does not foam.

Brick pink, fragrant
Scratch it and it will be clean.



Gum Akulenko
Then walked around the back.
And as she walked,
Back pink has become.


Bony back,
Hard bristle, With
mint toothpaste friends,
We diligently serve.

The tail - bone,
And on the back - seta.

Thin girl -
Hard bangs,
Day prohlazhdayutsya.
And in the mornings and evenings
Work accepted:
Head cover
Yes wall wash.


In the cave was numb,
The Creek goes -
From the walls all displays.


Waffle and striped,
Fuzzy and furry,
Always at hand -
What is it?

Wipe I try
After a bath boy.
Everything was wet, everything was all a funny color -
No dry area.

Said track -
Two embroidered end:
"Wash up a little,
Ink wash face!
Otherwise you're in half a day
Contaminated me."

Hanging on the wall, hanging,
Everyone behind him catches.


Toothed saw
In dense forest went.
The entire forest went around
Nothing was cut down.

Teeth a lot, and don't eat anything.

Go-not wander through the forests,
As for the moustache, hair,
And with my teeth longer
Than wolves and bears.

We use it often,
Though she, like the wolf, toothy.
She don't want to bite,
Her teeth would scratch.

As much as 25 Zubkov,
For curls and combs.
And under each, under insert -
Will bear hair side by side.

Light field-side,
Goes on the field harrow,
Wheat rakes,
The procedure complies with.

Clean, sharp-toothed
Clung to Chub varisty

Hair and comb

Wooden fence
Fence the yard,
In the yard there is a herd of horses,
And in the fence of a hundred doors,
To get to the will
Yes to run in the open field.
The horses rushed wave,
Started living by the river.


Went into his pocket and guard -
Reba, a crybaby and messy.
They morning tears,
Will not forget about the nose.


Where the sponge does not overpower,
Will not domoy, not Dominic,
For myself, I work take:
Heels, elbows with soap and true,
And knees rubbed,
Nothing is overlooked.


Slides on the track,
His leg -
In the wrong hands
Going up the leg
Yes scraping the track.

Massage brush

Iron hedgehog
With a rubber skin,
Down the needles goes,
Needle grass rows.


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