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Riddles about amphibians and aquatic


Glass house,
And in the house that
All ends
Scurry residents.

On the window -
Glass pond,
As to fish, not give.

Fish, fish

In the water we live,
Without water we are lost.

Will vilnet tail
Here and there
And no it
And there is no trace.

In the water it lives,
No beak, and bite.

Feathers are, not flies.
Legs not and will not catch up.

Don't go out and fly,
And try-catch!
I'm gold,
Well in the fairytale look!


Tail wagging,
Toothy, and does not bark.

In her mouth she drank.
Under the water she lived,
All scarecrows, all swallowed,
And now - in the boiler got.


It is in the very maelstrom lives,
The owner of depth.
He has a huge mouth,
And the eyes can barely see.

At the bottom, where quiet and dark,
Lies baleen log.


Master coat yourself stitched,
And needles to remove forgotten.


Along a narrow path -
Head Yes horns.
Who so slowly creeps,
My house is lucky?

Who on your own house carries around?

Teremok creeps.
His luck
Hostess rich, horned.

Cancer, cancers

Creeps on the contrary,
All under water
Missing claw.

Everything is moving forward,
And he Vice versa.

It may be two hours in a row
All the time to back off.

When black puffy and perky.
As the blush will immediately primarey.

Quietly, so no one heard,
In the lake of mink released,
Turned, and then
Walked forward... tail.

Underwater living people
Walking backwards.

Stranded sits,
Whiskers twitching,
And to go for a walk

The shoemaker is not a shoemaker,
The tailor is not a tailor,
Keeps mouth seta.
In the hands of scissors.



What a miracle?
What a miracle:
Top of the dish, the bottom of the dish.
There is a miracle on the road
Head sticks out Yes legs.

Guess who -
Goes in fine-bone coat?

Lives between the stones
Head with four legs.

On himself the burden of his house,
From animals I hide in it.


Galloping animal,
No mouth, and trap.
And the mosquito and fly.

Who on mossy
Wet trail,
Like a ball
Jump clever?

No beast, no bird,
Just afraid.
You can go fly -
And water - flop!

Grew up -
The tail is raised,
Dress dark wore.
I grew up
Green became,
The tail paddles changed.

In blochii jumps,
In human swims.


Running among the rocks,
Do not get stolen for her.

Grabbed by the tail, but - Ah!
Ran away, and the tail in his hands.

She, like the snake,
In the grass will flicker,
The tail will vilnet.
The tail will tear -
New will end up being.

Green belt
In the grass was lost.


Rustling, rustling the grass,
Creeps whip alive
So he stood up and hissed:
Come on, who is very brave.

Is the rope,
Hissing, cheat.
To take it a little dangerous
Will bite. Clear?

Long, not the thread,
Evil, not a witch,
Black, not crows.


Are you not familiar with me?
I live on the seabed.
Head and eight legs,
That's all I...


Is anyone out there tape black
To trickle slid nimbly?
Through the bushes slipped deftly,
And on his small head
(All should know about it)
The yellow spots are visible.

The worm

Is it in a nut climb,
And then to seize:
All that tasty eats
And back crawls.

My tail is not to be distinguished from the head,
I am always in the ground you will find


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