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Riddles about animals
Riddles about birds
Riddles about amphibians, fish and reptiles
Riddles about insects
Riddles about nature
The mystery of water in nature and its conditions
The puzzle of heaven on earth and of celestial bodies
Riddles about flowers
Riddles about plants
The mystery of the forest, trees and plants
Riddles of field plants
Mysteries of the garden and the vegetable garden, riddles about the vegetables, berries and fruits
Riddles about mushrooms
Riddles about the seasons and time intervals
Riddles about natural phenomena
Riddles about people
Riddles of man and parts of the body
Riddles about school
Riddles about games and toys
Riddles about professions
Riddles about sports and tourism
Riddles about fishing
Riddles about the technique and transport
Riddles of the post and communication methods
Riddles on the theme of war
Riddles about the holidays
Riddles about the items in the house
Riddles for kitchen utensils and products
Riddles about the subject in bathroom
Riddles about clothes and shoes
Riddles about musical instruments
Riddles about agricultural subjects
Riddles about various subjects
Christmas riddles
Economic puzzles
Comic economic puzzles

Korney Chukovsky. 25 riddles, 25 solutions
Samuel Marshak. Riddles
Vladimir Borisov. Riddles
Vladimir Stepanov. Fabulous puzzles
Who graze in the meadow? The song of mystery
Daniil Kharms. Very very tasty pie
Boris Zakhoder. Two riddles
Tatiana Shatsky. Riddles from the garden
Tatiana Shatsky. Riddles-blende about the New year
Alexander Shibaev. What is it? Who is this?
Alexander Shibaev. Who's word would you find it?
Alexander Shibaev. The tale you need to remember
Alexander Metzger. Christmas riddles
Natalia Antonova. Riddles
Andrey Parachin. Riddles
Natalia Ivanova. The insects. Riddles about insects
Natalia Ivanova. A flower is a flower. Riddles about the flowers
Natalia Ivanova. Riddles about animals
Natalia Ivanova. Riddles about school supplies
Natalia Ivanova. Chemistry in riddles
Natalia Ivanova. Profession moms. Riddles
Natalia Ivanova. Fabulous puzzles
Natalia Ivanova. Sports puzzles
Natalia Ivanova. Orange riddles
Natalia Ivanova. Purple riddles
Natalia Ivanova. Red riddles
Natalia Ivanova. Green riddles
Svetlana Bogdan. The mystery of marine life
Svetlana Bogdan. Riddles "children of the road"
Terence Tranny. The poems are riddles
Hope Shemyakin. Riddles for children
Tatiana Koval. We are riding. Riddles
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