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One of the foreign laboratories made a small catapult that shoots into the air a meal worm. And the bats began to hunt for him, as for flying insects. High-speed filming showed that hunters shot in the course of the wings, tail membrane or incredibly deftly grabbed the worm's mouth. The human eye to keep track of all this. Still - when released fruit flies for one hour bat caught a 600 tiny nimble flies. Upon detection, pursuit and capture each spent an average of only ten seconds.

In bad weather bats have to tighten their belts in bad weather there is almost no flying insects. And not it is noteworthy that, in General, voracious animals can easily tolerate hunger? In the literature it is quite accurate fact, when involuntary recluse, prahalada 48 days, as if nothing had happened, flew to hunt and quickly regained its tiny weight.

And now again look at the enclosure. Long-eared bat living in the Western parts of our country and in Western Europe, is a rare bat, and thoroughly watching her in the suburbs had never been. Yes and in Museum collections only a few dozen copies. But in the aviary near Zvenigorod held five such animals. And it turned out incredible: long-eared Myotis get food not in the air, and collect butterflies from the vaults at the beginning of the caves. It is observation in a cage made it possible to understand a key feature in the behavior of long-eared Myotis, and scattered before the facts about the ecology of the species lined up in the logic circuit.

Others, too rare bats were able to identify other, but equally strange for science features. So, some far Eastern bats prefer to catch insects, running on the ground. Flight they need only to feedings. After zoologists have learned that troublesom the same texture as the muskrat, beaver and desman, it became clear that it is not that other, as a device to fly in the rain. So the coat allows troublesom to survive in those places, where for several months pouring rain...

Before you say goodbye to the bats, have little to talk about troubles.

Imagine that cute for many people starlings behave towards night flyers just a brute, nor in that they do not compromise. This is well written in the book of C. S. of Moesha "Flying at night". If hollow, habitable by bats inhabitant, and will attract our peritomy neighbor, he did not shy away from pursuing master away. Bat to resist unable - Starling bigger, stronger and armed with beak and claws.

If Starling such housing thief, that is, the enemies are more serious - owl, owls, ferrets, Martens can take a life. Got bats and zahranicni, and shared with our: ticks, fleas and bedbugs. Experts believe that the us, swallows and bats are plagued by the same bugs since those times, when people lived in caves side by side with birds and bats. So.

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