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Living in our country flying animals safe for humans. Even rukaria giantess giant party (the number in the RSFSR 16-20 thousand), feeding beetles impressive size, such as beetle-rhinoceros and a bug-deer, weighs only 50 grams and is quite harmless. By the way, and a giant party, and these beetles, to a huge regret, now listed in the red data book of the USSR.

In the national Red data books of different ranks included several species of bats. Mostly those who are particularly vulnerable in case of direct human impact. But for some economic activity turned out to be favorable, even its costs. In carelessly built brick and prefabricated buildings, representing for bats kind of rock, the gaps between the panels, bricks and over the window boxes remind refuge in the mountains. Thus, the gaps between the concrete slabs of the buildings of one of the oil-extraction plants Krasnodar Krai became for them; favorite apartment. And MSU in the Lenin; the mountains, rich in all kinds of "excesses", one of the migratory species - two-tone bat started to use for wintering. It is difficult to say what Kozani accept high-rise building, but before they flew to the Caucasus.

Still, being on student practice in Voronezh nature reserve, S. P. Kamenev at the end of the summer brought to Moscow a few red of the noctule bat. About the content of bats in captivity had no publications. She tried to please them, as they could, and animals that lived in the apartment for more than a year, were again released in the reserve. Then through trial and error, which cost the lives of several students, managed to develop a system of content of bats in captivity. This experience became the base on which the 60-ies relied life test' beings in the laboratory of bionics MSU.

In the scientific literature 50-60-ies roamed the assertion that are evil and prone to cannibalism. S. P. Kameneva proved that this is not the case. The anatomical structure of the are is: what if they hold horizontally, as the other fellows, they in a few minutes comes a cruel oxygen starvation. And no wonder, gasping, animals begin to beat in his hand and bite anything that will turn up. The fact that their life goes on, or in sleep position, upside down, or in flight. Edges have a fixed - they pull in air through the aperture. In the horizontal position was-depleted underlying muscles and horseshoe bat was simply out of breath. When this became clear, caught animals began immediately to put not in bags, and nylon or metal mesh, where they could be hung upside down. And it turned out that the are - cute and good-natured, intelligent beings, happy going to the contact person.

Pair these cute guests houses in C. P. the Kameneva was chosen for hanging the edge of one of the upper shelves. They quickly learned to fly on the whistle and sit on the forefinger of the hand, for which he received a meal worm.

People are very interested in the human face. At night, hanging in the air at 15-20 cm over the sleeping man, they have their ultrasonic radar beam and then carefully "felt" the face, especially the closed eyelids of the eye. Probably the movement of the eyeballs in the so-called REM sleep, they were interested in the first place. Cost winged creature to notice that from behind him, someone is watching, or to move to the sleeping, as horseshoe bat immediately shyly ran away as if he had been caught in a bad lesson.

Or such is the fact. It was not the case when the animals tried to bite his face. But the finger was bitten often.

How to interpret such a different attitude of the are to the hands and face? In any case, researchers have developed the belief that for the flyers hands and face seem different beings. These tiny critters will probably just can't imagine that there is a "mouse", which size exceeds them thousands of times. Furthermore, there are very narrow radar beam carrying information only on a very small area. From small fragments and they put mosaic representations about any body and subject. Therefore, are very difficult to settle in a new location. When they were allowed to fly in the hallway for a week, porhov there for a few seconds, examining a small piece of a wall or Cabinet, they immediately came back in a familiar room. Just laying in memory "heard" locator again flew in front for a new piece of news. But when the hall was surveyed, started to behave so relaxed that catch them there became impossible. So, if the animals are disturbed by man, will be to move to another attic or in another cave, not knowing thoroughly the new monastery, a long time will be helpless. It is a fragmented perception of the world makes them very vulnerable. No wonder that in Western Europe the number of are dropped hundreds of times, mainly due to the influx of tourists into the cave.

The vast number of bats to keep in captivity, it is impossible or extremely difficult. It's not just; that there is no full substitutes for live insects, but that how they catch the night flyers are very, very different. To accustom the animals to take food from the feeders is not easy. Not just to ensure that Guinea did not overeaten and sufficiently moved, otherwise they will get sick. The lack of motion become inflamed and lose their elasticity flying membrane, and on the wrists appear tumors.

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