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"For twenty-three years working with bats, I was convinced that these cute animals are not aggressive!". The Merlin Cattle there are weighty reasons for such approval: twenty-three years - no joke. Recently Tattle interested in hunting habits of lichonosov - bats living near one of the Panamanian lakes. The main dish in their menu - frog called in the local dialect tungarli.

Actually nothing surprising in the fact that bats catch aquatic animals, no. Just curious details. So, for a long time zoologists puzzled over hunting fish-eating bats in the tropics of South and Central America. Thought bats anglers as net use membrane between the legs and tail. Like, finding prey animal that trawl grabs the victim from the water. Were does a fantastic hypothesis that bats dive for fish, and even pursue it under water. Real life has been made easier. On the hind limbs fish lovers have long fingers with sharp curved claws, very similar to the small hooks. The film witnessed how the fishermen were lowered into the water feet and Zubarev sacrifice, fast intercepted her teeth.

But how exactly bat finds a fish under water? The echolocation there seems to be nothing to do with this. Because almost all the energy of the sound waves at the boundary of air-water reflected from the water. The power of the sound wave reflected from the fish will return reduced a million times. Only recently it was found that bats may notice very weak fluctuations of water from the fins of fish swimming close to the surface.

Tell wanted to find out how bats find and how to distinguish edible from poisonous frogs that live on the same swamp? Here the sounder and does nothing. That flying animals react to croaking, i.e. catch frogs at the hearing, confirmed the night vision devices. Frogs stopped kakati, barely in the sky appeared the hunters, and, after falling silent, had saved his life. Mouse had happened flashed inches from primaxy amphibious beauty, or rather handsome, because males announce wedding songs marshes and ditches.

Actually hearing aid bats configured to ultrasonic frequency. However, at bats, eating frogs, there is another peak hearing sensitivity at low frequencies below 5 kHz. Namely, in this range croaking tungar is heard most loudly.

Mice are not only interested in real frogs quack, but a tape recording. Here's the proof. Several flyers were released into a large enclosure. When they calmed down and got used to the net, began experiments. From hidden in the corners of the enclosures speaker turns or alternately cry tasty edible frogs and poisonous frogs.

"We struggled a cry of exultation, writes tell, when the first bat went the exact dynamics, from which shouted frogs, dated understanding of lichonosov, delicious food". Zoologists have changed the location of the speakers, but bats are all as one, was in no hurry to call only edible frogs. The following series of experiments found that they instantly distinguish frogs not only by species but also by size. Anyway, the tape recording of kakania too large from the point of view of bats, frogs did not seem enthusiastic hunters.

Not without its amusing incidents. When the speakers are not put in a cage, and on the shore of the pond, on the first tape quake immediately was brave Letonia. First she drove her opponents, and then she marched to the speaker. You should have seen her surprise when instead of the usual wah she found something metal.

Bats that live in our country, entirely insectivorous animals and abroad, especially in Latin America, in addition to bats, eating fish or frogs, there are some who are addicted to the nectar, fruits and even the blood of farm animals, thereby causing enormous damage.

Vampires drink the blood of horses and cattle that obessive animals. In the salivary glands of the leech is the secret close to their allocated medical leeches. He does not clot the blood and relieve the sting. Notched sharp teeth the skin of a horse or cow, vampires lick the blood. For 10-30 minutes they nanizyvayutsya that are heavy on half its own weight and for this reason can not fly. Here they help heavy duty kidneys, probably the best among all kidney of all mammals. Kidney vampire begin to give off liquid after 2-3 minutes after eating. And that, leaving the body fats, proteins and carbohydrates of foreign blood, immediately pour out the water away, gains the ability to fly.

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