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Rats use their nose not only as a detector. Sometimes he plays the role of the real bait.

Here is a strange and terrible story. It happened in the Kirovograd region, on a pig farm. Piglets born strong, suddenly went on hunger strike, lost weight and died. It turned out that they could not due to lacerations of the tongue. Some NIF-Nevow and NAF-Nevow the tip of his tongue was like a razor cut. This convinced authoritative Commission that "the absence of the tips of the languages in piglets is the result of mechanical interference from the people." The local Prosecutor's office opened a criminal case. On the farm set security. And the pigs continued to die. Then set up an ambush on the spot crimes near sows.

Night duty saw piglets was disfigured by rats. When the sow lay on her side and began to feed calves in the machine appeared long-tailed fanatics. They climbed to the pig and sat against the heads sucking piglets. Once the pig has lost the nipple, sitting in front of the rat instantly turned his nose. The pig ran across him and opened her mouth... And one rat, not waiting until the pig will let go of the nipple, ran back and tail pulled baby-bandit wanted to eat some fresh language.

Equally sophisticated rats were handled at the grocery warehouse in Donetsk, where were hundreds to disappear chicken eggs. The policemen watched night of zloumyshlennitsa paws gently took the eggs out of the box and down to the floor. And then, pushing the muzzle and paws, gently rolled to the hole. Reportedly foreign magazines, rats sometimes work in pairs - one hugs chicken egg all legs and lies down, gently pressing him to her, and the other tows quite quickly it by the tail.

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