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In General, rats are homebodies. Here are the facts. In the dense Abkhazian forest zoologist A. D. Bershtein once marked black rats. Two months of surveillance showed that rats do not have ventured to depart from the nest and polsatu meters. Bolder gray rats in Volgograd, although there is a sufficient quantity of edible adhere lived places, such as underground technical communication tractor plant or ravines with household garbage. In other words, settlements rats in Volgograd and other cities) almost not connected. Here is a scientific summary. "Dissociation settlements rats... confirmed by the fact that after you kill rats in some courts they again did not appear, although the distance between exempt from rats and inhabited their backyards usually does not exceed 100-120 m.

In Moscow the population of rats town square is extremely low - only 2 percent. However, the trend towards further reduction of its habitat, rats do not show. And so watching them. Twice a year (spring and autumn) in Moscow basements and other cereal for golohvosty alien places keep their record - set traps. The work of the employees of the Moscow city disinfection station enough: only 22 of the account was billed 283 602 trap, which got 18 260 rats...

Usually caudate family owns a plot with a radius of 150 meters. But here rodents don't run anyhow. In the basement adhere to walls, baseboards or pipes. Out in the open their regular means of communication; they are strewn with litter and therefore clearly visible. If here will come outside individual, eager to see her in big trouble.

Rats, like many other animals, believe more nose than the eyes. Once a few rodents planted in a new location. They acquired the local flavor. When long-tailed returned under native shelter, they smelled not as much as before, and at home they waited for death.

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