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Monster oblo, mischievously, huge, statino and liai...
C. K. Trediakovskii

Rat, driven into a corner, fighting to the last. In a critical situation she first catches even a Terrier, death grip hooks onto the dog's nose and jumping around on it like a leech. And when the rats much, they protect each other. So, in the Moscow zoo they went on the attack on Filin, trying to snatch it out of his claws and his girlfriend. The mighty bird tore them one by one. But the excited cries of the victims, all new Norway entered into mortal combat.

Between a rat sometimes fight otherwise. Experts say that the rat is almost the only animal that can kill a fellow at a distance, not even a touch. Here is a description of the French ethologist Maurice Kane.

"For the most part, the attacker simply circling around the victim, zdybel coat and snapping teeth. Priemysel, the aggressor goes about his business, while the victim continues to lie there, gasping. After resting for a while, the attacker begins again to fabricate threatening pas lying around. Death occurs within a few hours. There are instances when she was past ninety minutes.

The cause of death? The riddle. All the internal organs of the deceased in order, no signs of external or internal damage. The rat dies, so to speak, Pisa health. Dies from stress, in other words, from the psychological turmoil".

Interesting facts about rat stress were published and West German scientific journal. It turns out that rats with damaged whiskers (vibrissae) things psychopath - they often die from stress. If the psychic shock stops the heart individuals, moustache, which is in complete order, the human touch to this long and hard hairs quickens the heart rodent starts to work again. Explanations for this phenomenon has not been found yet.

Life in rats is based on the hierarchy, and the hierarchy - for fear of more powerful individuals before the local dictator is the most important rat. (According to some sources, among females often reigns equality). When the dictator at least a little out of sorts, subject reblasted: collapsing onto his side, eyes half-closed, or even crawl on his belly under the body of his Excellency, and if there is the slightest opportunity, they try to hide or to escape. And how could it be otherwise - after all senior males strive to bite in the back or in the root of the tail.

Despite the draconian regime and can, through him, in a rat society (population) are elements of mutual aid: the nursery for the kids and the supply of food rations old blind rats. It happens that when danger elderly escorted to a secluded place. And if all this can shamelessly be ailing brother. From a biological point of view, this is a benefit that others do not get sick.

In the tribe golohvosty possible and the most shameless exploitation, and unselfish deeds.

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