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C. K. Trediakovskii

Rats breed like lightning. And thank God that their life is limited only six years. Well and the fact that the struggle for existence, or people on average two years to send a rat to the afterlife. According to some reports, "the average rat" tramples the earth is still less than six months. But during these months rodents have time the best way to deal with this world and to bring people a lot of trouble.

The Norway living in refrigerators, larger than their comrades with a grain warehouse. The reason is that the larger the body size, the easier it is to fight against the cold. This ecological wisdom once again confirmed biologist N. N. Khairullin. He examined the rats that live in the refrigeration plant Ufa meat-packing plant, where the whole year is out into ten-degree frost, and sausage shop Rajewski meat-packing plant, where the temperature and humidity for rodents, it would seem that much better. Now, frost rats is good - they are more prolific in the refrigeration plant. And not only prolific, but also has excellent health: for example, in their liver (especially in females) more vitamin a than in the liver of Norway, who took a fancy sausage shop.

However, in the journal "Ecology", where I borrowed so sad information, it doesn't say anything more damage to bring long-tailed carnivores - ice cream meat or sausage?

Rat campaign on grocery warehouse like fire. However, rats are "real" arsonists: their mania to sharpen the teeth on electric cables has often led to short-circuits. Because of this, one day a good half of new York city remained without electricity. And in 1972, only one rat stopped 16 trains on the line Tokyo - Osaka. The intruder has bugs alarm cable, and the traffic light was out.

Rats threaten the welfare of the people. They harm the biosphere: the excessive reproduction of any kind disrupts the natural balance. (There is even a suggestion that in the vast ancient times, the ancestors of the rats "put teeth" to the destruction of the giant reptiles - dinosaurs: they supposedly sucked eggs of lizards, thereby ceasing the continuation of their kind.)

In our days in Ireland rats ate all of marsh frogs, and on the Danish island Dehat they vanished birds. Such a sad message comes from a variety of places. And who knows who is more to blame - rats or people. Rats food supply dumps, stores, warehouses, houses, sewers. That they too have multiplied, people blame because disturb their natural enemies - owls, storks, herons, ferrets, skunks and snakes. Of course, the owl or the Heron to dwell in the basement will not be. But to replace domesticated Fox or weasel iznesenog cat Oh how would: practice has shown that only three of the twenty cats and cats dare to converge with rats nose-to-nose.

Of course, on Fox or owl light a wedge has not converged. On the Islands of Polynesia with rats successfully fight specially brought Indian lizards. And in India, decided to restore the ecological balance by prohibiting the export of snake skin: snake again will multiply and begin to resist the rats.

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