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We want to get rid of rats with light. And suddenly they play some positive role in the biosphere? No. Experts strongly sign the death sentence, stating that without rats nature would be better. And yet on earth they will remain not only in zoos, rats -- the most convenient object for medical experiments as susceptible to most diseases that afflict us.

Tens of millions of white rats (this is not a view, and just peaceful, less aggressive albino furious of Asuka) specially grown in vivaria. Rats watered whiskey, then, injecting them with different substances to find out how soon they will sober up. White rats to smoke opium, to give people information about the cause hallucinations, and eat pesticides to tell about their danger or, on the contrary, are not harmful to humans. They are stuffed with all sorts of viruses or turn them skin in the hard shell to find out the root cause of some skin diseases. Constructed even vacuum) for rats to determine whether the drugs in the milk of the animal. All tasks are countless. It would, for example, to learn how these creatures without any instruments recognize vitamins: if you give them a treat, but one feeder with a mixture of vitamin B1, and the other without it, caudate tasters will be accepted only for vitamins lunch, ignoring the other feeder.

Enumeration is always tedious. Besides all this are unlikely to tell you much better than American writer Art Buchwald. In his opinion, long-tailed test could lead in vivarium this conversation.

"What's wrong with you, Zelda? That is so scary thin".

"They forced me to eat cyclamate. Every week I lose three ounces of weight. And what are you doing?"

"...Although I am still a very young rat, I decided not to try to escape from reality. That's why I'm exploring the impact of air pollution".

"As soon as you bear!"

"Have. Every day I carry in new York, and I breathe his air. When I die, people will realize that the air pollution in this city is much higher than the acceptable norm."

"...I'm worried about Elvine. It has been gone for a whole week!"

"Haven't you heard? Today his heart is transplanted into Hegel. Her heart stopped working during the inspection of the exhaust gases of the vehicle on the harmfulness".

"Poor Elvin!"

"He didn't mind when he stated that he would take his heart. He was perfectly calm. After all, they kept him on tranquilizers for a long time."

"I was not easier. I work in the field of space physiology. I examine the effect of weightlessness. I have frequent severe vomiting".

"But, Carlton, at least it is fashionable - space program. And I always introduce microbes flu".

"It is sad. But Samson prohlazhdayutsya... All day watching color TV. They check what dose of radiation it is exposed".

Already many generations of white rats live in vivaria in the fullness and abundance. They Ismailis, their physiology and psyche has undergone some changes. And not because the experiments with the shabby Norway give more accurate and reliable results?

So, there is the benefit of rats. But it was too bitter a spoon of honey in a barrel rat atrocities.

And yet should not all be painted in black color. Domesticated rat becomes a nice playful. It is neat and easy to train. Behaves well in the bosom of the owner, sedately drinking tea at the table, approvingly snapping teeth in tact symphonic music and turns away from the receiver, when wheezing jazz.

More effort - and the Norway rat will show your guests hilarious thing: will be served sandals, will be on the clock with a gun-splinter behind, fall dead, if the child direct his way toy gun. And even similar to torture rough baby weasels don't get Asuka expose the teeth. Teeth that have brought and will bring to bear the suffering of others, if in relations with rats humanity will not achieve any breakthrough.

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