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In one of the publications of the world health organization stated: "the Plague is still silent. But this should not obscure the fact that it now takes a much more favorable for the onset position than ever before... the Plague is a disease of the future.

Rats fed fleas - vectors of plague. And to avoid epidemics, have all the powers to curb the breeding of rodents.

Kozma Prutkov in his famous "the Fruits of contemplation" wrote: "Click the Mare in the nose - it will wag its tail". While the behavior of rats corresponds to this aphorism. We click on their nose the most profound ways, and they only tails podmahivat - their livestock is not reduced. Old experienced rats do not depart whatsoever to any trap: shake it until then, until you fly bait or not fall through spring. But if the bait poison, old beast can stain her litter to stupid young people did not put their lives at risk.

Rats eat everything edible, but especially they love milk and pumpkin seeds. If these treats to put the poison, for example, carbon dioxide, barium or strychnine, they will choose from among their number by the hungry individual, standing on the lowest rung in the hierarchy of the pack. She will taste the tempting products. If it gets bad, others not touched the bait.

Rat poison gases (e.g., phosgene), harness flamethrowers, and sewer network stack electrical wires under tension. The area fill Davitashvili substances near Nord scatter grain, specifically infected by bacteria of typhoid rodents (bacteria Isachenko and strain No. 5170),and to send to the light more than 95% of the rats in this area is rarely possible. This means that soon they will again regain its place in the sun: krysia several times a year gives the world a little. And baby two or three months can themselves become fathers and mothers. Would be food.

Well, there is food, from which the rats never refuse. Gray robbers willingly eat a fairly common plant, sea onion, although the meal ends with paralysis of the hind legs. They eat and the mixture of malt and burnt lime. Quicklime in the stomach turns into a hydrated, and rat - from live to dead.

There is substance to which the rat hates. For example, she can't smell very common plant Chernomorka. Alkaloids from its leaves act on the nervous system of rodents, so to speak, put pressure on the psyche. They do not like and ultrasound. The sound frequency of 20 kHz makes them nervous, afraid of each other; often among rodents squabble erupts in the full sense of the word.

However, neither Chernomorec or ultrasonic scarecrows do not solve the problem: rats just go away to another place. And get rid of them everywhere. They were trying to fight everything. In Latin America, the boys were allowed to go to the cinema, if the window of the cashier's little hand stretched beam rat tails. In Java, the couple had to pay the state tax of 25 rat tails, and exchanged there ID you could only use five tails. Not helped, rats did not disappear.

Biochemists have created insidious poison in slow motion. Poison odourless and taste - anticoagulants. Eating them, the rat feels in full shape. Go days. Her feet swell, cause internal bleeding. In ten to twelve days, the animal dies from the first trifling scratch. Death is inevitable - anticoagulants do not give the blood clot. And even the dead were not alarmed living - they will not emit any smell and completely deprived of blood, were hard as wood. Thought the rats no longer live. It wasn't to be.

The principle of action of anticoagulant boils down to blocking of the enzyme thrombin - poisons are not allowed to be synthesized to prothrombin in the liver of rats. An anticoagulant, such as cwmafan, once inside, replaces vitamin K. And prothrombin is formed only with the help of vitamin K. But here in Scotland appeared rat-mutants, ate cwmafan. A new mutant gene does not coumafene to displace vitamin K. And now, despite the protective barrier of the other strongest poisons, the progeny of these zverkhivtsi rats occupy England with speed of 4.6 kilometers per year. Supercrazy appeared in Denmark and other countries.

The example of the European rats followed their American relatives. In many U.S. cities rat livestock now three quarters consists of mutants resistant to anticoagulants. Found and mouse, which came on the same path of evolution. And no wonder: in the United States rodents annually peddling 12 thousand ton baits with anticoagulants.

Against rats need to come up with something worse. For example, to make to live it became too tough. If their teeth will cease to grow, then a week cutters are covered with hard enamel only on the front, will be erased completely. And toothless rodent is not afraid of even the cat. Another rosy picture. Imagine a rat's teeth grow faster than now. Rats, to close your mouth, you have to stitch them day and night. And they are dying from hunger and insomnia.

Jokes aside, to fight with gray looters have differently. Will they hormonal war? Hormone mestranol not affect the health of animals that ate it. But gradually mestranol doing its job - the offspring of rats eating the bait with the addition of this hormone, fruitlessly. Then, in the second generation of their family should die out. Well, we'll see.

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