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Monster oblo, mischievously, huge, statino and liai...
C. K. Trediakovskii

Although rats are boycotting the census, scientists believe that the Earth is their almost twice more than men. At the same time in different countries business with them is different: in France, for example, one rat have nine souls of the population; in India this ratio is the opposite.

Basic livestock pests - the Norway rat, strong rat (she probably red). Black rats (they are actually brownish), in the past, flooding towns and villages, survived only in some places. Probably, Norway could not kill black rats because they, for their lives, retreat to inaccessible attics - they are able to go from house to house across the wires, swinging high above the asphalt of the street. But still, these acrobats are not only weaker, but also more stupid of Norway.

If you on occasion got a rat and it is difficult to determine to what species it belongs to, use the tips of zoologists. They assert that the grey rat tail shorter than the body, and the black - long. If your rat tail because of the injury will be "substandard", there's another way to satisfy curiosity. Right hand (and left) take it behind his ear. If the ear pregnate to the face, not reaching eye, you are dealing with pasuram. And if it gets in front of you unlucky relative of Asuka - black rat.

But the Norway rat is not "navel of the earth". In India found a big rat, before which he will fold - its weight to kilograms, respectively great and her teeth.

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