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A rat conscience and illegal currency transactions: in burrows found jewelry, metal and paper money. Moreover, the coins were stacked in columns in value. Hardly rodents they are experts in accounting, rather, they were put money value to a smooth shiny columns decorated the residential interior: rats peculiar craving for brilliant and right symmetrical forms.

In General, gray marauders don't miss anything living or that "is bad". They even attacked by elephants chained. 'In the morning at the feet of giants was afraid to look. And how many suffered cows and horses! Rodents biting them in the face to drive away food. If horses are stubborn, they dug in their feet.

Rats ate and people, such as prisoners in the cells or infants in the cradle. But incredibly more human souls they killed, spreading the infection. I believe that in past ages the plague has killed more humans than all the wars of our Millennium. The plague is guilty of a black rat.

But the Norway rat "no sugar": to list distributed ailments, not enough fingers.

And that's not all. Winged words, saying, poor as a Church rat,naive. The poor man all my life fast. Rat there all my life is full - it will not be able to survive a three-day full post. Her physiology is such that she needs to eat every day. Any the Norway rat consumes about 12 pounds of food and more food does no good. Rats manage to get even sunflower oil from the bottle, smash or tilt are not able to. After the tube, the gang members turn down the tail in butter, and then lick it from each other.

The loss can be fantastic. When some American grocery warehouse in order to test rats for two months has been given complete freedom of action, they ate or hopelessly ruined hundreds of bags of coffee, 14 tons of flour, 200 tons of sugar (very tasty stuff, with the rat's point of view); in their stomachs all gone top of noodles and pasta along with the packing cardboard... In General, the organizers of the experiment's eyes bugged out.

Rats annually deprive people of tens of millions of tons of rice and bread. In other words, any sixth farmer feeds are not people, and rats. Because rats mankind is forced to contain an extensive network port and the city's anti-plague stations. While economists are registering losses, epidemiologists are lists of pathogens in faeces and urine left by the raiders ravaged their warehouses.

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