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Fantazileri Elena Randevou


The movie and story - "BODY"
Miracle box got,
Barely got out of bed -
And try from "the BODY"
A minute rock out.
"BODY" cling to "background",
Hear the voice I was a friend,
Again I am at the mercy of "the BODY":
I forgot about an important fact.
I am on the "BODY" angry
And from "the BODY" retired,
But leaping up
Drives again with the legs.
Speak with a threshold directly:
"Get The Telegram.
Hurry and sign,
At the station for another race!"
I decided to escape from the "BODY",
And wanted to say I: "Stop",
But brought my friend Valery
Again "the BODY" -
The telescope!
And now all the days of the week
We Valera look in "the BODY":
In the Telescope, fixing the eyes,
Look at the sky day and night.

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