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Elena Rannev


Fishing ribaudo.
Wetherlam tinder the dishes.
At night to sleep under ukryvalos,
Hand wash umyvadlom.
Nail pounding kolotylo,
Cut the forest always Rubicom.
If we know it,
All together we continue:

Instead of legs for us?... HADELY,
On my face?.. GLADLY,
The house was built?... STROYLY,
Roof repairing us ... CINILI
(and other masterly).
The soup we cook ?... SUPOWER,
Laughter will bring?... MEHTAR,
The teeth will pull out?... SUPERVAC,
(Though you cry, but at least don't cry!)
And the verses were composed by the poet?
And - not true! Not at all!
STEHELI composes poems,
TIHOCAN writes,
POETIST their poetic,
FANTASIST their fantasic!

Want, believe or not believe,
Palm pilot by any stretch myself now!

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