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  • ABC - the wisdom of the step.
  • Without knowledge will do - don't wait fruits.
  • In the book are not looking for letters, and thoughts.
  • The action is the result of knowledge.
  • Fool to teach that the dead be treated.
  • For one competent two illiterate give.
  • Znaika all perfectly understands, and Neznayka on all but the mouth raceway.
  • Knowledge - your friends.
  • The knowledge is thicker than water in the mouth itself does not begin to flow.
  • Gold is mined from the earth, and knowledge from books.
  • The book is a bridge to the world of knowledge.
  • Book reading - on the wings of a fly.
  • Red bird feathers, and the person teaching.
  • Who the diploma Gorazd, not the abyss.
  • Who little knew not, does not know and great.
  • Few know how to read, you should be able to think.
  • The world is illuminated by the sun, and people knowledge.
  • Not gods pots.
  • Not shameful not to know, it's a shame not to learn.
  • From the smart learn from the stupid will learn.
  • From teaching people with ways not captured.
  • The procedure saves time.
  • Happiness that produces, who by the ability of the mind gains.
  • The scientist leads, and uneducated then goes.
  • Knowledge is the path to the skill.
  • The teaching in childhood, as the carving on the stone.
  • Knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness.
  • To teach the mind to sharpen.
  • Read, bookworm, don't spare your eyes.
  • Reading is the best teaching.


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