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  • Without root and grass is not growing.
  • Battle frontier hold fast.
  • A great thing to start: bold beginning, the same victory.
  • The enemy die, Yes, our nation stands.
  • Enemy to spare himself to ruin.
  • Everyone, cook praises his own broth.
  • Where there is no struggle, there can be no victory.
  • Where born there and work.
  • A hero falls - raise, coward falls will be crushed.
  • For his Motherland neither the strength nor the time don't worry.
  • For the Motherland is not bad and life.
  • For their Motherland, not sorry, and life.
  • Knew who was beaten, because they won.
  • As the door opens, it is returned to its threshold.
  • What Savva, this is him and glory.
  • Who world roads, and the us roads.
  • Red girl spits, and the soldier orders.
  • Who could, one with legs.
  • Who's Homeland is true that debt takes about.
  • Or chest in crosses, or head in the bushes.
  • On their land were not in bondage.
  • On that sword, if nothing Sich.
  • In a strange storonushka happy home voronushka.
  • The peoples of our country friendship strong.
  • From home warmth emanates.
  • The first thing in life is to serve the Motherland.
  • Raised the sword will perish.
  • While the battle ahead - Braves anyway.
  • Because life is good, that the friendship is.
  • When the sun is warm, when the Motherland is good.
  • Motherland, be able to stand.
  • Native land - the cradle of gold.
  • Mother no one will replace.
  • Their own land and in a handful of Mila.
  • His glory mine in battle.
  • Fight bravely for their cause.
  • Old glory new loves.
  • The world building, the war destroys.
  • A strange side - dense boron.
  • A step forward is a step towards victory.


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