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Nursery rhymes

Couch potato

Fast asleep,
Couch potato-cat.
Mouse climb into his mouth.
-Tra - TA - TA,
Tra - TA - TA!
Not afraid of a cat!
Braided cat whiskers
Machinations-mouse in two plaits!


The cat on the pond went.
Carp fished.
All kittens cat
Their catch shall be -
Sieve carp
For selecky all.
Fish are waiting for quality -
Seven of the shops.

Elegant family

Cat goes on holiday.
The whole family leads.
Himself in the boots.
Cat - in sereiko.
With bows kittens,
Pink heels.

Wedding Pike with pike

Go to wave over the pond
He cleared the fish house!
Whats sides
Dancing wedding hopak.
Young row -
Pike and perch!
I congratulate them,
Called them.
What I wish - I?
Just let the bubbles...

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