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T>ur, round, shepherd,<br>
Guelder rose batook,<br>
From sea to sea,
To Kiev city.
There is my homeland.
At home, the oak stands,
And oak owl sits.
Owl-I mother-in-law,
And this little fellow brother-in-law,
Sinitchka sister,
Go on the water,
And I'm afraid grosicki,
But thunder on the marsh,
Bear in marsh,
Hemp breaks,
Deck inserts.

T>ur, round, shepherd,<br>
Guelder rose Podarok.<br>
Where are you summer has Litovel,<br>
Where do you winter wintered?<br>
- The Tsar in Moscow,<br>
In Golden Bay.<br>
- What is the king doing? Tour note writes,
The girl breathes.
"Maiden, maiden,
Go and bring water.
I wolf Bouse.
- Wolves at work,
Owl in the swamp.
- Avanika, Avanika,
Lomachenko legs,
Begley on the track.
Popovs boys
Peas threshed,
The flails broke,
In the barn left,
In chicken Popoli.
As of the chicken pen
Under Ivanovo village.

T>ur-round, shepherd,<br>
Guelder rose Podarok,<br>
Where do you winter wintered?<br>
Where are you summer has Litovel?<br>
- The Tsar in Moscow<br>
On thin Board.<br>
- What is the king doing?<br>
- Boxes writes,<br>
Boxes writes,<br>
The girl breathes.<br>
Go for water?
- I cancer Bouse.
Cancer in the swamp,
Bear at work.
Boxes does
Lock bar,
Lock locks
Masha podaidet.

T>ur-round, shepherd,<br>
If a new Podarok<br>
From sea to sea,<br>
To Kyiv - city.<br>
And there is my homeland,<br>
At home, the oak stands,<br>
Oak owl sees<br>
Owl - I aunt,<br>
Ugly me son,<br>
Son Of Constantine.<br>
Kuma Stefanida<br>
Struck the Board,<br>
Went to Moscow.<br>
In The Middle Of Moscow<br>
Gate red,<br>
Gold plated, powerbrake.</p></td>
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