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And theth, Dudu-Dudu-Dudu,
Sitting crow on oak.
He plays the trumpet,
He plays the trumpet,
In silver.
The pipe is turned,
The song is okay,
The tale foldable.

And theth Doo-Doo, Doo-Doo, Doo-Doo,
Sitting Sidor on the oak
He plays the trumpet,
The copper pipe,
The ring is introduced.
Through Pushkin house
Belching smoke.
Sandpipers bath, cut,
Cranes it has been erased,
Voska of perilya,
With under zaparo louse fell,
Broke leg,
Taken as young
On a substantial track.

And Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu,
Sitting crow on oak.
He plays the trumpet,
And pipe spruce.
She mojjevelova.
And Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu,
Lost man pipe.
Groping, groping - not found
He wept and went.

Played in a pipe,
In silver.
Good trumpet playing
Sentences... .

I play in a pipe,
Pipe lime,
The ends of the filament.

Sitting Sidor on the oak
He plays the trumpet.
Tube spruce
Yes, the tips of Fig.
-And the king in pubs
Hurt deep hole.

Tu-Tu, Tu-Tu, Tu-Tu, Tu,
Sitting crow on the oak
He plays the trumpet.
The pipe is machined, gold-plated.
Kuzma lapotko weaves,
In balalaika igrat.
Balalaika good
Cakes baked.
From the window primacy.
The boy came -
Burned finger,
Came the old man -
Burned his tongue.
Foreign ministries, foreign ministries, MIDI,
Go for Mikadoi.
Mikitka't like
Boots will not buy -
Buy the Slippers,
They are Nevelsky.
Pop out of cadence,
Vitrosit eyes.
Sheep from under the stove
With big eyes,
With sharp horns.
The village of Baba RAM
Rode through the mountains.
- Not you, Baba, not ride,
Give my cakes.

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