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- Babuse Uliana,
Where was that?
In the city of Kazan
On the big Bazaar.
- What a miracle seen?
- Chicken boots,
The kochetok in sereiko,
Duck in a skirt,
In a blue coat,
The cow in the Mat-
No its more expensive.
Merchants traded,
Seven rubles gave,
And it is not given.
- Why so expensive?
- Her Golden horn.

- Babuse Ulyana
Where was walked?
- On the new village.
- What was purchased?
Ducks in the pipes,
Zircony in launy,
Tarkasta, barabashka,
The goat in a blue dress,
And the goat in the Mat,
No its more expensive
And Bychenko-goby
Karwaski bakes,
Policka bags.
Policka " whacko,
And karwaski - in dirt.

Onth you, grandmother Juliana,
Let's go on a visit to us
In Nova village.

Grandmother Ulyana
The curly head.
Sit down in the sleigh,
Go collect firewood
In a new village.
In the new village
Duck coat
In the white coat.

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