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And Taree, Taree, Taree!
Buy the baby amber.
Have money left over,
Buy the baby earrings,
Will remain nickels,
Buy the baby shoes,
Will remain grosicki,
Buy the baby spoons,
Will remain negligible,
Buy the baby pillow.
Changing rooms.

Bought grandpa cat
And grandma cat,
For the left leg.

And whoa-canopy, whoa-canopy, whoa-canopy,
Not ideally, Baba, jelly,
He stresscase,
He islowercase,
And whoa-canopy, whoa-canopy, whoa-canopy,
Thou shalt not seethe porridge to Kroto,
Vari zhidenko
Yes Malashenko.
And whoa-canopy, whoa-canopy, whoa-canopy,
Clover Molochna
With good butter.

Thin shirt,
Thread spun,
In the box was placed.
And the box-the box
Hung on a hook,
The hook-and-so fell,
Kuzma has pokipala.
And Kuzma-the robber
He died on Tuesday.
He became a coffin to cut
And he jumped out to dance.
It began to be buried,
And he was a fence put up.
He began to remember,
And he lapta to pick.

AndLeshenko pretty,
Blue eyes,
Buy the sled.
Lena dad ordered
Tomorrow to go to the Bazaar.
Behind the woodpile, drevenice,
That the people there-the noise?
Dress Machines share.
To wedge, who mill
Chomu the entire dress.
And Popov daughters -
For the lining to the sleeves,
And curam diaconicum -
With all lastovica,
Priests fools -
The cinch horses.

AndNutini eyes
Bought the sled,
Sat, went,
The grandfather went:
- Grandpa, grandpa,
We will order?
"Sit down in the garden,
Play Dudu,
To grandma rose,
Chickens seeds gave.

Ax you, grandpa Baban,
Don't go you'll
Go outside,
Shout chicken.
Oh, you chicken Ryaba,
Perishible leg.
-Anyone who persib?
-Polanski man.
Than than to heal?
-Konoplya soak.
Hemp crack,
Sparrows squeak.
Little of datarock
Took the wand,
Drove to the Board,
Went to Moscow.
And in Moscow for a reason
Slaughtered sheep.
The RAM, the bull
't get milk.
Let, let go
Shepherds for lunch.
Shepherds nelisa,
On one side povalilsya.

BAbba sowed peas -
Jump-jump, jump-jump!
Collapsed ceiling -
Jump-jump, jump-jump!
Baba walked, walked, walked,
Patty found
Sat, ate,
Again went.
Baba was on the toe,
And then on the heel,
Steel Russian dance,
And then squat jumps!

In the basket
There are many colors.
We gained their
From different gardens.
Rose, violet
Alley here
Need for granddaughter
Wreath splist.
Manushka, Manushka,
How good you are.
Love you grandma
From all souls.

Inabout the hut
Two Gypsies.
They porridge cook,
About Petruso say.
And Petrusha unfolded,
They potaski gave.
They sat on the fence,
Ate porridge and pudding.
Porridge oiled,
Spoon painted.
Spoon bends,
Forehead shaking.
Cracked lips.

Inabout the garden or in the garden
There runs a dog.
Legs thin,
Boca calls,
And the tail hook,
Call it Gucci.

Infrom said Sparrow not to hear,
That's said, Sparrow can not see,
't see it, not to vedavati,
His voice not to slyhivali.
And Sparrow goes down the street,
In the left wing violin bears,
Right wing chords,
With one foot opriginal.

Gthe river washed, buckwheat was male,
The mouse on water sent
On the bridge-the bridge,
Yellow sand.
Have his way for a long time -
Scared of the wolf,
Lost, tears hail,
As well there.

- GWuxi, geese: - Ha-ha-ha
- There is a want? "Yes, Yes, Yes.
Bread with butter? "No, no, no.
"What? - Candy, candy!
"Well, fly as you want!
Only the wings take care!
Gray wolf under the mountain
The teeth wears away, to eat us!

DVA brother Kondrat built bath.
Sandpipers tensile,
Cranes used to do,
Woodpecker struby twig who was,
Cockroach wood hauled,
Flea liquor was melochia,
Maggots brooms mochila,
The above is one of perilya,
Yes sapariya
Run around butt -
All the old bugs
Mark-ka servant-
Sulfur vosko in the coffin.

Dof evki-Tatarka
Took the stick,
Knocked at the Board,
Went to Moscow.

- DIvushka Pelageya.
What did?
- Foals grazed.
"What have you learned?
- Own baby.
"Where is he?
- Nikolka was led away.
"Where is the Nikolka?
For cells left.
"Where cells?
- Water was demolished.
- And where's the water?
The bulls had a drink.
"Where are the bulls?
-The grass is gone.
"Where is the grass?
- Priests mowed down.
-Where are the priests?
- Home is gone.

DYin-Dong, Dili, Dili,
Rattles we bought.
Marina, my wife's Tatyana
And Vova rattles.
And rings on all sides:
Dili, Dili, Dili, don.
(N. Frenkel)

DRandy-brandi, balalaika,
Under the table sits babaika,
And Babay sitting on the stove,
It rings in my ears.

DBocek, dibak,
Soon he the rejuvenate!
Diboc-diboc! The whole village!
We play the trumpet,
We kids zabaleen:
Doo-Doo-Doo, Doo-Doo-Doo.
On the tube we all play,
We kids zabaleen:
Tu-Tu-Tu, Tu-Tu-Tu.
Di-di-di, di-di-di.
The drum we beat heavily
And together we sing:

EREM Erema
Would sit thou at home
Winepresses would waretini
Not red and green,
Heel zoloceni.

ERemus, Erema,
Would sit thou at home,
Sharpened waretini,
Heels green.
Spinner of threads spun,
In the boxes were placed,
Mouse Chapala.
Mouse boitsja,
On the stove falls,
No roads Poprad
Shepherds for lunch.

EHal Vanya from Kazan,
Sold the flour with poods,
Who Pudens, whom two,
Who pood and a half.

Ethe new wonderful
On the shoulders of the fathers,
To get the top
To signal "stop".
Pope, even important,
All on one level.
But with this Supplement
Dad - skyscraper!

Wor were two peacock -
's tale half.
There were two goose -
Here is the tale of all!

KAK on the hill on the hill-re-re
The house stood on the court-re-re,
In this house lived the grandfather-the grandfather-the grandfather,
Well he was dressed-det-det:
Red cap on it-it-it,
All trimmed with silver-bromide-bromine.
- Hello, lisanka my-I-I,
House no, nikao-in-in -
Get me out of the window-but-but!.
I lamonica hlist-hlist-hlist:
The gate on this is-is-is,
There is a gate-TA-TA,
And gate unlocked-TA-TA.

KAK on a thin layer of ice
Fallen white snow.
Fallen white snow,
Went Vanya-boyfriend.
Went Vanya, we
with a good horse fell.
Fell Vanya and lies,
None of van is not running.
Two girls saw
Straight to the van ran,
Horse Vanya planted,
The way indicated.
The road indicated Yes were punished:
as you'll go, Ivan,
don't come around.

KAlya-malaria bought the horse.
How much?
Three roubles.
While driving up the mountain,
He had been devoured by mosquitoes.

KAK we have a big family
Yes funny:
Two of the shops are;
Two want to learn;
Two Stepan in sour cream
Two Backbone in clover
The two Ulki in the cradle
One Masha is not ours
Yes, and that is good.

- Toiconica-arizonica,
Where have you been?
- At the mill.
- Pussy-arizonica,
What did you do there?
Flour was milled.
- Pussy-arizonica,
What flour baked?
- Gingerbread.
Who ate gingerbread?
- One.
Don't eat one! Don't eat one!

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