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In the works of children's folklore come to life phenomena, such as precipitation...!

Grum explosive,
Burst the clouds,
Give me rain
From the heavenly heights.

Dordic, rain, more fun!
Capa, Capa, don't worry!
Only we do not soak!
Nothing in the box is not knock -
Britni in the field Pushcha:
Will the grass was thick!

Dordic, rain,
Wet track.
We cannot go for a walk -
We soak the feet.

Dordic, rain,
Not rain!
Rain, Rain,
Let me reach home
Grandpa gray!

Dordic, rain,
Cap Yes cap!
You don't would Kapal
For dad,
You don't would Kapal
In mam -
Came would be better
To contact us:
Dads - damp,
Mothers - dirty,
We are with you

Dordic, rain, Trapani,
Buy you three horses!
Rain, rain, come on,
Buy you a weasel,
With key, lock,
With a silk handkerchief!

Dordic, rain, water -
Bread loaf.
Rain, rain, proposti -
Let the sprouts grow.
Rain, rain, more fun!
Capa, Capa, don't worry!
Only we do not soak,
Nothing in the box is not knock!

Dordic, rain,
Full pour,
Small detushek

Dordic, rain, stronger -
Will the grass Selena,
Grow flowers
On our luzhochke.
Rain, rain, Pushcha
Grow grass, thick.

Dordic, rain, proposti,
We will run for the bushes!
Behind the bushes below,
And you, the rain, the Pushcha!

Dordic, rain, Pushcha!
I will give you thick,
Will be aired on the porch,
Ladies gurecka,
Ladies and bread loaf
- How many I want.

Dordic, rain,
Cook you the silage
Put on duboce
In the green pot.
Not satisy, Dubok,
Not prolase, pot!

Dordic, lei, lei, lei
On me and the people!
For people on a spoon,
On my bowl,
And Baba Yaga -
Lei on a bucket!

Dordic, lei, lei, lei,
No pity -
No birch or poplar!
Rain, rain, a bit stronger,
To grass Selena!
Grow flowers
And green leaves!

Dordic, the rain, stop,
Buy you a dress!
Will remain money -
Buy you earrings,
Will remain the nickels -
Buy you shoes!

Dordic, the rain, stop it!
I will go in Ryazan
With key, lock,
With a scarlet flower!
And you, rainbow-arc.
Misfortunes never come alone-ka gate" -
Key, lock,
A scarlet flower!

Dordic, rain, stronger,
Zagoni my pigs!
My pig house
Lying on the straw!

Dordic, rain, what do you pour?
Walk us not give.
Rain, rain, enough to pour,
Children, land, forest watering.
After a shower at the cottage
We puddles will pokajam

Ne go, the rain, where mow,
And go where you ask for.
Do not go, the rain, where they reap,
And go to where they are!

WithEKI, Seki, rain,
Our rye,
On woman's wheat,
For millet, lentils,
On grandfathers barley -
Water the whole day!

Tteaching you, cloud,
Prolase rain
We have been waiting for him!
Rain, rain,
Water all day
Our barley,
Our rye,
So the bread was good,
Water in the oats,
That itself is brought forty!

W rain-rain
We have been waiting for you:
With clean water,
With silk travica,
With azure II color
With warm summers!

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