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In the works of children's folklore come to life phenomena. The sun treatment in these works invariably gentle, full of love and gratitude to the source of life. This relationship through adult nursery rhymes are passed to the children.

P>EKI, bake in the sun, <br>
Red vedrashko! <br>
Early play, <br>
My kids Sahrawi! <br>
Your kids are crying, <br>
The stones jump! </p>
<p><img src=vétheuil, Shine, sun,
The green Polushka,
On white wheat
In pure water,
To our they will venture to cross,
On the scarlet flower.

Withconsult the sun in the window,
Shining in our room.
We will zolpiem in her hands -
Very pleased with the sun.

A word for the sun, sun, go away until morning.
All kids bedtime, it's bedtime.
Pustulatum milk over the edge,
Those who plows - loaf, loaf.

Look out of the window!
The sun, dressed!
Red, show!

Come quickly,
Give light, bogra -
Calves and lambs,
Even small children.

Propane, enlighten!
The Apple high,
A sprig of green,
Grusich curly,
The curly birch!

WithAnisko, look out!
Red, visiti!
In cold water,
On silk trevizo,
On the scarlet flower,
On round logotec!

You come up early,
We Wake up early:
Us in the field to run,
Us spring meet!

WithAnisko, saradis!
Red, show!
Come out from behind a cloud,
Give a bunch of nuts!

WithAnisko, sun,
Lean out the window
Positi a little bit,
I will give you peas!

Withonysko, the sun,
Look out in ohnisko!
The sun, dressed,
Red, show!
Waiting for you kids,
Waiting for the youngsters.

Withelniski, the sun,
Go out on the stump,
Apriadi kurelek,
Razgulay the whole day!

Withonysko, the sun,
Look into ohnisko!
Your kids play,
The sparrows confused,
And raspberries are tearing
And we don't give
The bear, spoon,
And we are no crumbs!

Withonysko, the Sun,
Do not bake over the river,
Bake for us in the window,
We will be warm!

Withonysko, the sun.
Red semenescu,
Come quickly,
Be kinder to us!
Your kids are crying,
On LaRocco jump,
Straw plait -
You as guests!

Visiti, look out!
Sparrows chirp,
Spring-red click,
From the eaves dripping,
Sandpipers arrived!

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