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Nursery rhymes about the summer, about clear days, Hiking in the woods for berries and mushrooms

- InAnya, Vanya, where have you been?
Where he went?
I walked in the forest.
- What is seen?
- Penechke.
Under penechke fungus!
Clutch, Yes in the pound!

Evil gnats
Flapping, spinning,
Yes in the eye grabbed...
Kus, Kus, Kus...

Wjavoronki, larks,
Let us summer,
And we're a winter,
We feed no!

- ToUDA run, legs?
- Summer track
From hummock to hummock
For berry in Bor.
In the green forest
You will gain
Black blueberry,
Scarlet strawberry.

- HOki, where have you been?
For mushrooms in the forest went.
"What are you, a pen, did?
We mushrooms collected.
And you eyes, helped?
"We were looking for, Yes watched
All looked panicky
Here Vanya with fungus,
With podosinovets!

Nosit dandelion
Yellow sarafan.
Grow up - dress up
In white dress.
E. Serova

PChely humming -
In the field flying.
From the field are -
The honey bear.

I forest green delirious
I mushrooms in the container will collect,
I am in the aspen mushrooms take,
The birch forest and skipping - berezovichi,
On pine stumps - openofce,
And under the tree - white mushroom boletus.

Irejuvenate red,
Strawberry sang.
Oh lay, Oh Lyali,
Strawberry sang.
Why it's red?
On pregracke grew,
Contrary to the sun blossomed.

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