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Nursery rhymes about winter fun about frost and snow.

KAK on a thin layer of ice
Fallen white snow,
Fallen white snow,
Went Vanya friend,
Vanya went, we were,
With a good horse fell,
He fell, fell, lies -
None of van is not running,
Two girls saw -
Straight to the van ran,
Straight to the van ran,
Horse Vanya planted,
The road showed.

KAK snow, blizzards
Three sled flew.
And rustle and rattle,
Bells are ringing.
In the first sled - grandfather,
In other sled - grandmother,
In the third sled - aunt.
Our Kate ran,
Dear guests met
The gates they opened,
In Nova a room led.

Kupim son boots,
Wear on feet,
Let the path.
Will our son to walk
New boots to wear.

MOros, frost,
Don't beat our oats, our, rye,
Bay oak Yes maple Yes Babi len,
Yes canopy as you wish, chop!

P>Aday, fall,<br>
White snow!<br>
Rejoice over, rejoice over<br>
Everywhere all!<br>
Get down, get down<br>
The village,<br>
On goose<br>
Box white<br>
Ukrywa -<br>
Will be in the summer<br>
The loaf!</p>
<p><img src=W you snowy winter,
You frosts came.
The wind howls, Blizzard makes,
Along the street sweeping.
White snow has covered
All roads in the village,
All roads, all the way,
No pass no pass.

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