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Nursery rhymes, help children get acquainted with the phenomena of nature.

Borovic, Borovik,
Red head
'll give you a carrot.

The bells rang.
Bells woke
All beetles, spiders
And fun moths.
Ding day! Ding day!
Start a new day!
Bells woke
All bunnies and eat,
All lazy bears.
And the birds woke up,
And galcian started...
Ding day! Ding day!
Don't miss new day!

Cmaluska good
Grow fungus
Mushroom Grabovogo,
In forest hog.

- Lastock, swallow, cute whale,
Where have you been, what have you come?
- Overseas before,
Spring was extracted,
Bear, bear spring-beauty!

Nand the swamp is a stump
He had not bothered to move.
The neck is not turning,
But want to laugh.

Nand meadow - grass,
Oak live owl,
Living happily,
Tablecloth embroider:
The needle tik-tik -
Not gatekeeper;
Sharp little tik-tik -

- HOki, where have you been?
For mushrooms in the forest went.
"What are you, a pen, did?
We mushrooms collected.
And you eyes, helped?
"We were looking for, Yes watched
All looked panicky
Here Vanya with fungus,
With podosinovets!

I forest green delirious
I mushrooms in the container will collect,
I am in the aspen mushrooms take,
The birch forest and skipping - berezovichi,
On pine stumps - openofce,
And under the tree - white mushroom boletus.

Irejuvenate red,
Strawberry sang.
Oh lay, Oh Lyali,
Strawberry sang.
Why it's red?
On pregracke grew,
Contrary to the sun blossomed.

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