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Using developmental child easier and better remembers the animals, their habits, appearance. Well trains the child's memory. One thing is to show the child the snail, another to ask her: "Snail, snail, show your horns! Give a piece of cake.." and together to see how the snail gently pull the horns!

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B>abacca-box <br>
Quick on the cloud, <br>
There your kids - <br>
On a birch branch. </p>
<p><img src=Agia cow,
Where are your kids:
In deep does the hole,
On a high mountain?

BAgia cow,
Uleti up deftly.
Bring us from the sky:
Bread replacement,
Mushrooms substitution,
Berries growth,
The radish long tail.

BAgia cow,
Quick on Obelisco,
Bring to us from heaven,
That was the summer:
In the garden beans,
In the forest berries, mushrooms,
In the spring the water,
In a field of wheat.

BAgia cow,
Uleti at the sky,
Bring us bread,
Black and white,
Only not burnt.

BAgia cow,
Black head,
Uleti at the sky,
Bring us bread,
Black and white,
Only not burnt.

InDole on the river Swan floats,
Above the shore of the dead bear.
White wing podmahivat,
Flowers shakes off the water.

InIles cat from under the bed,
He arched his back, tail arc.
Eyes, as a flaw in the machine
With carbonated water.

gused to tell tigers lions:
Hey friends, have you heard eh you,
That cannot Rhino
To scratch your nose on the horn?

gop! GOP! The horse is alive,
And with the tail and mane.
He shakes his head,
That's the kind of beautiful!

gWuxi you, geese,
Red paws!
Where you've been,
What did you see?
"We saw the wolf:
Took the wolf Gosling,
Yes the best,
Yes the more!
- Geese you, geese,
Red paws!
Depite you wolf -
Save Gosling!

Evil gnats!
Flapping, spinning,
Yes in the eye grabbed!

- DEvita, girl,
Go and bring water!
Cancer fear!
Cancer in the swamp
The Board batters:
Fear, fear, fear!

Wcheers, Jura, crane,
The mill went,
The mill went,
Wonder seen,
Hay people, I Lyuli,
Unusual was seen.
Goat flour grinds,
Goat pouring out,
And little kostoski
Flour paddle.
And sheep-Kutaragi,
In the tune of the play,
In the tune of the play,
And the eyes blink.
And magpies, white-sided
Went tancevat.
And crows-sterity
Went PrimeCare.

Wyravel Dolgoruki
The mill went,
Wonder saw:
Goat flour grinds,
Goat falls asleep,
Little kid
In the barns walk,
The flour dredge,
Will sogreat,
And sheep - cool horns
Walk along the streets,
In the tune of the play,
And crows-sterity
Went tancevat,
And magpies, white-sided
Went PrimeCare,
Feet top,
Eyes clap-clap.

Caniki run
The meadow, forest.
Strawberries are harvested,
Skok Yes Skok! Skok Yes Skok!
Here Polyanka softer than silk,
Look, Opanas!
Beware dashing wolf,
Beware, beware!
Zainichi slept sweetly,
The forest is noisy! The forest sings!
- Run away without looking back:
The wolf is coming, the wolf is coming!

CAnika, Stickam
Walk, take a walk.
Gray, new
Pogulyay, walk!
Nowhere rabbit
Nowhere gray
All gates
Locked up tight stand
All gates
Three stand guard,
Three stand guard,
Three girls are sitting.
Sinica, will jump -
POPs up!
Gray, will make things difficult for them -
Will release!

CIKE gray sits
And ears twitching.
Like this, like this
He wiggles ears!
Hare is cold to sit,
Have paws warm.
Like this, like this
Have paws warm!
Hare is cold to stand,
Need Bunny jump.
Like this, like this
Need Bunny jump!
Bunny wolf scared!
Bunny immediately ran away!

CZdravstvuy, dear kinsman!
- Where have you been?
In the basket.
- What did you buy?
- Pork.
- How many was that?
- Seven and eight.
And left?
- No one.

Andchild pussy from the kitchen,
In her platonici swollen.
"What, miss, roar,
What serenka, roar?
As me, miss, do not cry,
As the patient not to mourn:
Someone willow licked off,
Yes the pussy said.

And>det cat on the bench<br>
Leads the kitty for paws<br>
Tops-tops on the bench<br>
Caps-caps for paws.</p>
<p><img src=AK on our on the meadow
Is the Cup of the cream cheese.
Flew two teterya,
He pecked some flew.

Kikiryo house no.
On the mowing hay mows.
Shangi smear -
We do not seem,
Of if you want-don't give.
(kibirige is a rooster)

Koz-Goji berry extract,
On a side lupina,
For three pennies bought.

To>sonica horned,<br>
Kosanica bogata<br>
Ran for the fence,<br>
He propasal the whole day.<br>
Legs goat<br>
Eyes goat<br>
Clap-clap! </p>
<p><img src=Suska-belonoshko
In the forest went
Wolf teased:
- Wolf and I are not afraid,
I gray have no fear:
I from a wolf grey
Under the birch will shiranus.

To>yushka, cuckoo, <br>
Grey abdomen, <br>
Prosequi me, ku, ku - <br>
How many years to live on century. <br>
<img src=wrecka-rabushka,
Where to go?
- On the river.
- Chicken-rabushka,
Why go?
- For some water.
- Chicken-rabushka,
Why do you need water?
- Protection to drink.
- Chicken-rabushka,
As chickens are asked to drink?
- Pee-pee-pee-pee-pee-pee-pee-pee!

KUsha, Kush, kosecka...
Where is my kukureka?
The cuckoo goriushka -
Lost a feather:
And white,
And dotted.

KUsha, Kush, kosecka,
Don't grieve, kukureka,
Forget about goryushko,
We will nd a feather:
And white,
And dotted.

- Lastock, swallow, cute whale,
Where have you been, what have you come?
- Overseas before,
Spring was extracted,
Bear, bear spring-beauty!

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