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Using developmental child easier and better remembers the animals, their habits, appearance. Well trains the child's memory. One thing is to show the child the snail, another to ask her: "Snail, snail, show your horns! Give a piece of cake.." and together to see how the snail gently pull the horns!

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MAsha, La-La,
On the bench asleep.
Two teterya flew,
Picked it up we were flying.

MISCA clumsy
The forest is.
Cones collects,
Sing songs.
Suddenly fell lump
Directly Bear on the forehead.
Angry bear
And the foot of the "top"!

Bring us a breeze:
From the gate in turn
To drive the boat into the water!

MISI dance,
On the couch dozing cat.
Quieter, mouse, don't make a noise,
Cat vasiku not awake.
About to Wake up Vaska the cat,
Break the whole dance.

Nand the barrel,
As on a throne,
Sitting cock in the crown.
Chickens reigns.
Himself praises.

Nand the gate forty,
On the fence crow,
On the road Sparrow -
Bite hemp.

Nand the yard hill,
Under the slide mink.
In this mink mole
Mink guards.

Nand duboce, duboce
Here are two baby doves.
They have cervical blue,
They have Golden feathers,
Red chattaniki,
Blue pockets.
Oak they sit,
Among themselves they say:
All about Varya,
All about malen'ku.

NASHI chicken in the window:
"Cluck! Cluck!"
And as Peter-petusco
Early-early in the morning
We will sing: "Ku-ka-re-ku!"

NASHI ducks in the morning
Honk-honk-honk! Honk-honk-honk!
Our geese at the pond -
Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha!
And Turkey among court -
Ball-ball-ball! The noodle-head!
Our hulanicki above
Our chicken in the window -
KCO KCO KCO-cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck!
And as Peter cock
Early-early in the morning
We will sing ku-ka-re-ku!

Onth you, hare scythe - like that!
Don't you behind me like that!
In the garden you will get there!
All the cabbage will gnaw on it like this,
Catch you like that,
As for the ears will grab it like this,
Yes, and the tail will turn off like that!

p>ECOSOC, cock, <br>
The Golden scallop, <br>
Look out of the window, <br>
I will give you peas. </p>  
<p><img src=AZ, two, three, four,
Cat literacy taught:
Not to read, not write,
As for the mouse to jump.

P>Oh sits, <br>
Box sets <br>
Box sets <br>
Honey to feed. </p><p><img src=wet Firefly,
Positi in Cam!
Positi a little bit,
I will give you peas,
Jug of cheese
And a piece of cake!

Withate Baba on the crutch,
Went to the old man.
The Old Man Cornel
Piglets fed.
The striped piglets,
They look at the sky.
They look at the sky -
From the sky the stars are flying.
From the sky the stars are flying,
The striped piglets

- Withanicca, Sinikka,
Perednenko bird,
Where are you flying?
On the Mokra the clearing.
- Who do you see?
- Baary-going,
Sparrow for Perak,
Him with a rolling pin in the forehead.
He oscarella,
Went to the warden.
In addition two moments of joy:
Son's wife gave birth,
Son Maxim four feet.
He is not small, not large,
In the whole shop down.

Big head,
Sitting on a stump,
Head twirls,
On all sides looks,
Yes ka-a-AK
Will fly!

The may beetle:
Withonysko, the sun,
Quick on Obelisco!
There your kids
Eat candy,
Bread, jam,
Honey drink,
All give,
And you don't get!

T>nly mouse will suscribed<br>
Only the mouse will suscribed,<br>
Grey Vaska here.<br>
Quieter, mouse leave<br>
Cat vasiku not awake.<br>
How to Wake up Vaska the cat,<br>
Break the whole dance.<br>
Here woke up Vaska-cat -<br>
Broke up the whole dance!</p>
<p><img src= Bear in the forest
Mushrooms, mushrooms take.
And bear silent
No growls and does not purr.
I honey you gain.
And I'll run.

Litka, snail,
Lick out the horns,
I will give you, snail,
A piece of cake!
Creep along the track,
I will give you bread.

Litka, snail,
Lick out the horns,
Give a piece of cake!
Donuts, cheesecake,
Soft tortillas.
Lick out the horns!

Xleave a horse on the Bank,
Black on green,
He's the fellow who podmahivat,
Black grievously shaking,
Golden bridle abracelet.

WLa Cosa through the woods, through the woods, through the woods.
Found a Princess, Princess, Princess.
Come on, goat, jump, jump, jump.
And legs will padrigao will padrigao will padrigao.
And handles will pochopien will pochopien will pochopien.
And legs Pat, Pat, Pat.
Come on, you will porujimsya will porujimsya will porujimsya.
And forever make friends, make friends, make friends.

- I bear caught!
- So lead here!
- Is not.
- As I go!
- Yes it is me will not let me!

Iry bees Godot,
In the field going
From the field going
Medoc home are.

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