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You know the situation when you want to cuddle the baby, to tell him something very warm, affectionate, hard as you love him, but you do not have enough words? And here you will find nursery rhymes!

Ax you are my boy
Yellow dandelion!

Ax art thou, my girl,
The Golden squirrel
Sweet konfetka,
The lilac sprig!

Onth, my little one,
My pretty,
My Prigogine.

Onth you, my son,
Wheat kolosick,
The Tulip flower,
Lilac costock!

T>s clever, Razumnitsa<br>
You're lovely, Razumnitsa,<br>
The Pro knows the whole street,<br>
The cock and the cat,<br>
Yes I am a little.</p>
<p><img src=Roseneck - Horodok.
Prigozhinym - prehook.
Stroyinkom - stroinyashek,
And dear - Ragnarok.

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