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The child grows, and in his life appear nursery rhymes and fables. Stories exist in the people long ago, but folk art stores is the best, gradually adeeva all unnecessary. The difference lies from jokes and pastuszek that they are not associated with any of the movements, but in him there is some fabulous or fantastic story. This is a picture of the animal life, or a short story, expanding the knowledge of the child about the world. Songs and tales and turncoats that help the child to understand the real and the fantastic, strengthen child in the correct perception and sense of peace. Young children (under 3 years) perceived paradoxes as reality. Stories are intended for children who already have enough life experience to feel the paradox of the described situation. Read these verses promotes freedom of thought, imagination and, most importantly, sense of humor. It is important that the baby has heard the voice of the adult surprise and realized that something incredible happens.. Investing in familiar with a new meaning, turning everything upside down, the child learns it is better to operate with concepts, promotes freedom of thought, imagination and most importantly, learns to understand the humor.
For an adult it is defended, and for the child - funny stories about what does not happen. When the child discovers regularities of the world, new concepts, he begins to play these concepts, because through the game to learn about the world.

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And Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu,
Sparkle in the pipe,
Pipe lime,
Ring Melanie.
Through the cat's house
Belching smoke.
Running with a bucket of chicken,
Pours cat house.

And Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu,
Sitting crow on oak.
He plays the trumpet,
And pipe spruce.
She mojjevelova.
And Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu,
Lost man pipe.
Groping, groping - not found
He wept and went.

Burned cat house.
Chicken runs to the bucket,
Pours cat house.
The cat jumped out,
His eyes bulged,
Ran away to the river -
Drank some water.
Ran to the pub -
Sprung tobacco.

Borze males
We have the goat was led away,
On the stove milked,
Cosmetochem watered.

Bturnips had been important,
Marveled at the old woman each:
One day
Will not pass around.
The whole village ate
A whole week.
One crust imposed,
So the cart broke off!

InAnya-Vania, simplicity
Bought a horse without a tail.
Went to marry,
Tied the trough.
The trough is broken,
The wife smiles.

InOron in red boots,
In gold plated earrings
Black Raven on the oak
He plays the trumpet,
The pipe is turned,
The pipe is fine,
The song is foldable.

Inall dogs small
Wear valenki,
And with large-BA-Ki
Put the sa-Ki!

Ins look, guys,
My poor tales
From humpbacked horse
And bear-plasence:
How colorful pig
Oak nest was built.
The nest was built, the children brought.
Sixty pigs
On Suchocka sit.
Pigs squeal,
Want to fly.
Flew, flew.
So as the sky bear flies.
Bear flies,
Head twirls.
And carries it to the cow,
Black-and-white, white-tailed.
And the cow lows
Yes hosteses-it twirls!
Know the bear cries:
- Go right
Go to the left,
And now straight!

Grum in the mountains swept -
With oak mosquito fell,
Crashed on rhizome
Old mosquito-old comrise.
Instantly slateline flies
Two grohotun Haruhi,
Raised poor brother,
Began to buzz, to kill:
- Old mosquito-old comrise,
How hurt you, buddy!
Our poor Svetik-sudaric,
As you pity us, great!

DVA brother Kondrat built bath.
Sandpipers tensile,
Cranes used to do,
Woodpecker struby twig who was,
Cockroach wood hauled,
Flea liquor was melochia,
Maggots brooms mochila,
The above is one of perilya,
Yes sapariya
Run around butt -
All the old bugs
Mark-ka servant-
Sulfur vosko in the coffin.

- DIvushka Pelageya.
What did?
- Foals grazed.
"What have you learned?
- Own baby.
"Where is he?
- Nikolka was led away.
"Where is the Nikolka?
For cells left.
"Where cells?
- Water was demolished.
- And where's the water?
The bulls had a drink.
"Where are the bulls?
-The grass is gone.
"Where is the grass?
- Priests mowed down.
-Where are the priests?
- Home is gone.

- Deduca-sosedka,
Where did you go?
Into the woods.
- What do you see?
- Picuresque.
- And where it sits?
- On the Christmas tree.
- And what she sings?
All cubic-cubic,
Come gulls drink,
And then fly off into the willow.

E>here are this wand,<br>
Sectorally knock -<br>
Flies blue Siskin.<br>
At Chizh, Siskin<br>
Hoolock redhead,<br>
And at the foot of a small<br>
Zaporozec scarlet.<br>
Chizik knows the song<br>
About of mice, about the ladder:<br>
Les mouse in the pantry.
The ladder fell,
Mouse rolled..."

EHala village
Past the man,
Suddenly from under the dog
Bark gate.
He grabbed the baton
Hacked his axe,
And our cat
Ran the fence.
The roof was frightened,
Sat on the Raven,
Horse whipping
The man with the whip.

EHala village past the man,
Suddenly from under the dog
Barking gate,
"True," said the horse
And the man screamed,
The horse went into the house,
And the man stood
The horse ate the bread,
And the muzhik oats,
The horse sat in the sledge,
And the man drove.

- CAZ white,
Where were running?
Into the woods-Dubrovo.
- What did you do there?
The crust was humping.
Where to put?
Under the deck was removed.

AndC-over forests, mountains
Rides grandpa Egor.
He's on a gray cart,
On the creaking on the horse,
The axe belted,
The strap for the belt is plugged,
Boots out in the open,
Socks the coat.

AndC-over forests, mountains
Rides grandpa Egor.
Himself on the filly,
Wife on the ladybug,
Children teletech,
Grandchildren on the kid.
Moved down from the mountains,
They lit a bonfire
Eat the clover,
Listen to the tale.

Where have you been?- Horses grazed.<br>
What was wrangling?- Own baby.<br>
And where grebenicek? - In the cell.<br>
And where is the box? - Water was demolished.<br>
And where's the water? The bulls had a drink.<br>
Where are the bulls? In the willow was gone.<br>
Where is willow? - The girls were cut down.<br>
Where are the girls? - Married went.<br>
Where are the men? - Went to war.<br>
And where is the war? - Poured barn. </p>    
<p><img src=ozel walked on water,
Found a bag of malt,
He steamed kolisko.
Kulicka, kulicka,
Sweet, honey
Furnace not been
Under-clicking stood,
The mouse fell
Not touching Poprad
Cowgirls for lunch.

To>osca walks along the edge,<br>
 She Lichko pulls,<br>
 The cat lapotko weaves,<br>
 And the cat-too busy -<br>
 Need beer to cook,<br>
 Need beer to cook,<br>
 Yes it sinushka to marry.<br>
 Son Maxim, balalaika,<br>
 Balalaika bought,<br>
 Yes, all the girls loved:<br>
 You Sudalenka,<br>
 You Gorbatenko,<br>
 Come, come for me,<br>
 Yes for the rich.<br>
 I have something about you<br>
 Milk whole river,<br>
 Jelly a barn.</p>
<p><img src=MIS on the forest fled,
The Fox tail is lost.
Vanya went into the forest,
Fox tail found.
Fox came early,
Van berries brought,
Her tail to give requested.

Mthe scarlet datarock
Took the wand,
Knocked at the Board,
Went to Moscow.
There is a bridge paving,
Piglets are baptized.
They look up,
Want to fly.
Arrived early,
Brought sheep
With sharp horns.

Mamount and Papon walked on the river,
Basant and didnt lay on the stove.
And my grandson was sitting on the porch
And turned the trunk into ringlets.

Mbetween heaven and earth
Pig rummaging
And mechano tail
The sky was attacked.

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